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Anybody agree with the premise of this article??

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Raising Awareness of Misandry
Mar 24th, 2012 by DADvocate

Watching TV, do you ever notice how many negative images of men flashed before your eyes? How many negative images do you see in 10 minutes of TV?

I was watching the show House Hunters last night on HGTV and noticed that, even with such a neutral show, in the space of ten minutes I saw two commercials that were abusive to men. In one commercial, a woman was angry at a man at work and dumped a cup of coffee on him. In another, a man was in the grocery store aisle anxiously trying to decide whether his wife (or girlfriend) wanted the sweetener Stevia or real sugar. He was terrified that if he bought her sugar, she would be angry as she was off sugar that week, but he was also afraid that she would get mad if he bought her artificial sugar as she would think he thought she was fat.

Another commercial showed a woman powerfully riding around on a lawn mower. I wish I could just peacefully watch a show without the constant message that says men are wimps, perverts, idiots, or must live in constant fear of women and the simultaneous message that women are powerful. They climb big rocks while their boyfriend looks at them with admiration. Have you seen that Citi commercial? These commercials may seem cute to some but they are destructive when they treat men as accessories to women rather than as human beings. Why not treat both sexes as worthy of some dignity?

Do you ever notice that ads portraying women negatively get yanked, “Cheat on your girlfriend, not on your workout.” casts too negative of an image on women to be shown on TV, and ads that diss men are funny. (Do you ever notice how women hitting men is funny?)

Do you ever notice the negative depictions of men through out the media?

However, an extensive content analysis of mass media portrayals of men and male identity undertaken for a PhD completed in 2005 through the University of Western Sydney focusing on news, features, current affairs, talk shows and lifestyle media found that men are widely demonised, marginalised, trivialised and objectified in non-fiction media content that allegedly presents facts, reality and “truth”.

The study involved collection of all editorial content referring to or portraying men from 650 newspaper editions (450 broadsheets and 200 tabloids), 130 magazines, 125 TV news bulletins, 147 TV current affairs programs, 125 talk show episodes, and 108 TV lifestyle program episodes from 20 of the highest circulation and rating newspapers, magazines and TV programs over a six-month period. Media articles were examined using in-depth quantitative and qualitative content analysis methodology.

The research found that, by volume, 69 per cent of mass media reporting and commentary on men was unfavourable compared with just 12 per cent favourable and 19 per cent neutral or balanced. Men were predominately reported or portrayed in mass media as villains, aggressors, perverts and philanderers, with more than 75 per cent of all mass media representations of men and male identities showing men in one of these four ways. More than 80 per cent of media mentions of men, in total, were negative, compared with 18.4 per cent of mentions which showed men in a positive role.

Have you ever noticed the impact these negative images have?

To the extent that the negative views of men and masculinity in mass media reflect social attitudes, these findings have alarming implications for men and boys and for societies generally. Just as women have struggled against misogyny, men today face an increasingly misandric world that devalues and demonises them and gives them little basis for self-esteem.

Boys face education systems that inadequately cater to their needs and lack positive role models to help them grow up as healthy men. By propagating negative views of men and male identity, mass media are perpetuating them and giving them social and political traction. Widespread views on men as violent, sexually abusive, unable to be trusted with children, “deadbeat dads” and in need of “reconstruction” have the potential to and strong likelihood of shaping future policy making and political decisions. Ultimately, negative public and media discourse on men and boys could have major social and financial costs for societies in areas such as male health, rising suicide rates, and family disintegration.

In a book reporting this research released in September 2006 by Palgrave Macmillan, it is argued that the negative portrayal of men and male identity in contemporary societies is not only a matter of concern for men, but also for women. What is happening to men has an impact on women who live and work with them and who care about the health, welfare and happiness of their husbands, partners, brothers, male friends and their sons growing up and seeking their role and identity in a changing world.

Did you notice how the writer of that article felt a need to appeal the needs of women to fight hatred of men, that, even when protesting hatred and animosity towards men, he felt he had to justify it in terms of its impact on women? Apparently, the devaluation of men reaches the level of men having no intrinsic value themselves.


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    Media has a profound effect on our minds
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    Imagine if the roles were reversed and it was a woman getting treated like the man in this video. It would get banned. I mean, come on.. Janet chasing this dude while carrying a baseball bat? No way a male artist could get away with something like that.
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    I stopped reading when he said "House Hunters" an HGTV show was "neutral".

    They probably think TLC is "neutral" too.
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    LOL it's why i stopped watching 🤬 like Everybody Loves Raymond and similar wack ass shows where the man is just gettin ran by his woman and then wondering why he has to beg to get 🤬 . Nowadays if they show a Black dude on a show he look suspect than a mug or he a 🤬 , or some other character completely non threatening to other males.

    No thank you they can keep that 🤬 .
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    The baby commercials are woat, like in reality men can't do 🤬 for their kid; change a diaper properly.

    Commercials are crazy, I'm very observant and catch all these messages in commercials. 🤬 is ridiculous.
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    My best defense is to make my daughters aware of what the hidden projections are in tv in general. They hated it at first, but now they point 🤬 out to me, like damn I ain't even see that one chookie.