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I just got caught trying to 🤬 myself

joseph sun
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I had a noose tight around my neck going red 6 minutes into it. I tried to fall out my chair, only problem is the noose acted like a seat belt and wouldnt let me dangle. im in an electric wheelchair so I figured ill just drive forward until it tightens up, so I did. problem with that was the thing my noose was had had wheels and I started pulling it. it got tighter though. my tongue was swelling or something and my eyes were going into bulge mode. until of course a third problem arose when my dad came home earlier 20 minutes earlier then I expected. even with my noose problems, thats the main reason why im not in a morgue right now...

my question is, is there a gracious period you have to weight before you can try to 🤬 yourself again?