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A Rapper's College by Hannah Faye to be Independently Produced as an Onstage Play

Hannah Faye
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Upcoming Author, Director and Artist Hannah Faye Welcomes You to Audition for A Rapper's College, the play

A Rapper's College is an inspiring story about a young man who struggles to overcome his battle with dyslexia while making it through the challenges of his personal life and those of the rap industry. He crosses paths with a phenomenal tutor and as a result his life and lyrics are changed forever. It has been Faye's dream to turn this book into a stage play and eventually a motion picture for years. Now, with the help of a dedicated team, she invites you to audition.

In 2010 A Rapper's College was successfully published as a hip hop fiction book and script. It has received excellent reviews from literary groups and readers from across the country.

In 2011 A Rapper's College script successfully made it to the third round of the Golden Brad Awards, a well-known California based movie script contest for writers worldwide. Scripts entered in this contest are considered seriously and distributed amongst Hollywood producers and agents.

Auditions will be held in Chicago, October 2012. Specific date, time and place are yet to be announced. Please follow Hannah Faye on Twitter or subscribe to her website's blog at www.arapperscollege.weebly.com for more information. In the meantime, download the script from the website and prepare yourself to be amazed!