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Nas fans, do you think a Beat like this would suit him?

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Nas always goes for minimal basic Beats, pretty much the most simple Beats but how would he sound on somethin dope like this?


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    ok now u just trolling 🤬 that 🤬 was beyond 🤬 wack
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    Is Illbot on holiday? taking a personal day? where the hell is he?
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    Is Illbot on holiday? taking a personal day? where the hell is he?

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    you don't know about Ratlin Corleone real don from early Corleone Family Rydaz
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    City of Westminster, located on the Mozart estate with membership on the adjoining Queen's Park and Avenues estates, within the W9/W10 postal districts. Mozart Bloods form one third of the SMG Bloods alliance.


    Mozart housing estate, also known as ‘Mexico’, has always been a notorious area of Westminster, dubbed by the media as ‘🤬 City’ in the 1990's. The Mozart estate used to be built up of red blocks of flats that have largely been demolished and replaced or upgraded in recent years. The estate was nicknamed Mexico because residents used to compare its nature to the Mexican border as depicted in the Wild West films. Mexico died with the regeneration but the name still lives on. Before Mozart Bloods began there were a number of gangs from around the local area that collectively were known as the Horror Road Alliance (Harrow Road). The gang names all began in 2006 and 2007 of which there was C.R.I.M.E Set (Can’t Roll In My Ends, who wore blue); Grimiest Movement; Street Dreams (who wore brown) and Grey Dayz (who wore grey).

    Mozart (2009) - 🤬 your fake love
    Their main rivals are historically the Lisson Green and Church Street gangs. At the time the gang names arose they were in conflict with much of Ladbroke Grove which was at this time made up of numerous cliques known as Grove Side Goons (GSG), Total Knock Out (TKO) and Str8 From Da Ma nor (SFDM). The footbridge between Mozart and Kensal New Town (which can be accessed on the south side of the canal by Wedlake Street) at one point had a big line drawn in the middle that said Grove on one side and Mozart on the other. These crews were all made up of predominantly younger members.

    Amro Elbadawi was a member of the Street Dreams (SD) gang. The 14-year-old youth died when he was stabbed by a friend during a ‘play fight’ that got out of hand on Dart Street, Mozart estate, in 2008. The SD gang began to fade away after the death of Amro.

    Mozart Bloods began identifying as Bloods through their association to Brixton’s CFR gang (who are in turn part of the 031 Bloods movement). The Mozart Bloods, or Mozart CFR, are connected to other Blood gangs across West and North West London. Many of their rivals identify with the colours of blue (natural opposition to red of Bloods), although their rivals do not necessarily identify as Crips despite the obvious influences. The adoption of blue is an opposing response to their rivals in red. Mozart Bloods also have conflict with Bloods from Ladbroke Grove.

    The older members of Mozart are in serious conflict with the D-Block clique from the South Kilburn estate in Brent. This arose after Mozart members were blamed for being responsible for the murder of 20-year-old Tyno Kavuala, also known as Tanks. Tanks was a Congolese man who lived in South Kilburn, he was murdered on Scrubs Lane when he was shot in March 2007 as he sat alone in a black Audi A3. Police believe one or more suspects pulled up alongside the Audi in another vehicle and shot into it before driving off. The case remains unsolved.

    In what many regard as a reprisal hit in 2010, innocent victim Daniel Omari Smith, a resident of the Mozart estate was gunned down. The 22-year-old electrician was shot dead after leaving KFC on Harrow Road in May. It has been described by police as a case of mistaken identity, he may have been recognised by his killers as coming from the Mozart estate, or it may have been assumed by them that he was known to the intended targets who had also been in KFC around the same time as Daniel. Either way, it was indiscriminate and another young life has been lost needlessly at the hands of area rivalries.

    Since 2011, gang rivalries in this area of Westminster have began to be reported on with more frequency. Many of the rivalries are longstanding and go back over several years (for example, Mozart against Ladbroke Grove and Lisson Green), whilst others such as that with South Kilburn are more recent (2007) but have claimed lives.

    In 2010 Westminster, in conjunction with neighbouring Brent, are said to have set up a specialist unit to deal with addressing local gang issues. A project ran in October 2010 was also hailed as a success on the Mozart estate. It involved 20 young people being put forward for the “Brathay Project”. However, the preventative project was designed only for those on the periphery of gang membership and therefore has been unable to wipe out the gangs. Since the Brathay Project new younger members of the gang have began new generational rivalries.

    In January 2011, fears over growing gang violence on the Mozart estate were reported after an 18-year-old man was stabbed several times in Selby Square after becoming involved in an altercation. It was said to be one in a series of knife attacks involving local teenagers. By mid January, the City of Westminster warned that a wave of teenage stabbings and violent assaults had reached crisis levels after learning of a 12-year-old victim who had been bottled. Stabbings involving teenagers in the early part of January 2011 were reported on Harrow Road, Shirland Road, Selby Square and Princess Louise Close. The rival gangs, including Mozart, are situated across three boroughs (Westminster, Brent and Kensington & Chelsea). Fears were also heightened due to inevitable funding cuts in youth services.

    Incidents of violence between youths from rival areas have continued throughout 2011. One boy from the Mozart estate was left fighting for his life after being attacked in what may have been a case of mistaken identity. The attack occurred yards away from a shoot-out the day before in April 2011. The firearms exchange was believed to have been between Mozart and South Kilburn, police responding to the gunfire found three cars riddled with bullets in Wlaterton Road, Queen’s Park.

    Allies & Associated Cliques

    •Corleone Family Riders
    •Kensal Green Bloodgang (SMG)
    •St Raphs Soldiers (SMG)
    •Grey Days

    •Ladbroke Grove Bloods
    •Lisson Green Mandem

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    🤬 damn H-Rap please make some threads to save us from this crazy ass 🤬
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    no ones going to read your essay paper about mozart shadyteam. we get it, he's your favorite composer and you wish him and jay-z could collab so your favorite artists can come together on one song. but it isn't going to happen, so put down the coke and check in to rehab.
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    beat would def suit nas
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    yea it might suit him.........than again i had it on mute