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Installing iOS 4 on your iPhone 3G or 3GS

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Anyone else having issues with your 3G or 3GS phones after upgrading to iOS 4???

I took the chance last night, and:

- The first noticeable problem for me being, the backup/installation/restore process took damn near 4 hours..WTF?

- Once updated, I lost all of my contacts and calendar entries (good thing I have em backed up in Outlook). I feel for those who ran into that problem, but don't have any of those items backed up.

- I also lost the ability to transmit data through both 3G and EDGE networks. Wi-Fi still works, but the 🤬 is Wi-Fi when you're on the go?

- Now I'm getting the "Unrecognizable device" error each time I attempt to connect my phone through my car stereo via USB.

I'm sure the data connection and car stereo issues are things that I'll be able to repair eventually, but 🤬 is a major inconvenience right now. Plus, I'm now hearing that iPhone owners all over are reporting similar problems post upgrade. Did Apple even bother to test this 🤬 prior to release it? And to think that I promised myself that I was not gonna upgrade until at least the first Service Pack release. Guess I should've listened...


  • King Erauno
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    nah no issues for me...took about an hour to update...and everything was there.

    i have a 3g and i only notice that my phone is slower at times...i have to constantly clear the memory