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Blackberry 10 Sneak Peak

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Providing a glimpse of a version of the new operating system, Mr. Heins made it clear that RIM hopes to position the new BlackBerrys as the smartphone for serious people, a device running over RIM’s secure network that makes communication efficient and effortless.

In a presentation that featured video clips of busy professionals using BlackBerrys in the workplace and cameos by senior executives from Cisco Systems Inc. and SalesForce, Mr. Heins stressed that BlackBerry 10 is a tool to boost productivity.

The prototype touch-screen device was released early to help software developers build apps for the new platform, due out later this year. In a brief demonstration, Mr. Heins emphasized the software’s sleek interface, which integrates various messaging functions, a new digital keyboard that adapts to how users type, and the fact that it will save busy people some very precious time.

Source from: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/technology/tech-news/rim-offers-sneak-preview-of-new-blackberry-10/article2418869/

This looks dope...... I'll trade in my Blackberry for the new joint for sure....