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Yall big homie Jay Z need to drop a SOLO summer banger and release Vol 4 in late November.

tompetrez3tompetrez3 Posts: 6,656 ✭✭✭✭✭
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Vol 1 was the transition from hustler to rapper
Vol 2 was the rapper cresting on success in his new hustle. Bleek was given the torch
Vol 3 was the king celebrating the spoils. Beans was given the torch

Ok now its time for Jay Z to stop the fuckery. No more of the southern flow or trendy rap topics. Jay Z need to go get Ski, Premier and whoever can make some hardcore hip hop beats thats gonna inspire him to at least try to recapture that liquid flow he once had. I dont care if he talks about money or dope but I will care about the way he does it. No more of that faggo bragging shit. Jay Z talked about money and dope on vol 1 in a introspective and mature way that made you respect where he was coming from. this roc boy shit make him look like a clown. this euro fag shit make him look awkward. Jay Z need to focus his attention on creating a new album that best describes honestly where his life is at now in a high quality poetic presentation from a GOAT. he's a dad. he's a husband. he's a highly successful business man that dominates mainstream media. I wanna know how Shawn Carter is handling this shit as a man on a introspective level instead of a cliche Jay Z approach. I dont give a fuck about vol 2 but all in all the volumes were Jay Z's best work because it had a theme and he actually followed the theme throughout 1-3. All his other albums are just songs put together he made. The Volumes are masterpieces. I want to hear a vol 4 like how niggas wanted them concords to be re released. Jay Z always spoke of Vol 4 He and Scarface was going to make a "black album" like prince that was going to be in the stores with no promotion no videos or singles at the same time as Death Of Escobar 1 back in 2000 but DOE got scrapped and turned into stillmatic . Before BP2 jay Z said that Vol 4 was going to be the "black album". during the time BP2 was being recorded Jay Z said the "black album" was going to be called Vol 4:Opus. 2 triple albums coming out on the same day with no promotion or videos. Its time for him to make that vol 4. give jay electronica a solo intro, have a roc nation cipher on one of them tracks with all of his artists, make a new NY anthem i wanna hear Jay Z and Ghost on same track before i die, get some legends all together a track. the possiblities and creativity is endless. Jay Z can change rap if he uses his range and make a vol 4. because he did it on vol 2. no other album title or album concept will suffice. WTT was a artist flop. 2 rich niggas bragging about they money. so what. what happened to that Jay Z that had the slick phors and oneliners about his lifestyle and activities. he comes off lazy when he sounds like name dropping watches and white friends. fuck that. Vol 4 or die.

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