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Department of Corrections -poem

Ed Wunstler4Ed Wunstler4 Members Posts: 3
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Department of corrections


As in erred

You erred


Made a bad move

Made a wrong judgment

You made a mistake

So now you must be penalized



Yeah you took one

Because you erred

Your judgment should have been right

But it was all wrong

You got caught by the man

By his rules which you broke

So now you must be corrected

So you don’t break again

You must be fixed

Not neutered just repaired

Because you broke the rules

But nobody said what the rules are

Just you broke one

Read more: http://authspot.com/poetry/department-of-corrections/#ixzz1uu3CYpxd


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    wow! this hit home... shout outs to my bretherens doing a bid out there! 🤬 ain't easy...
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