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check out my Adele - "Someone Like You" (free verse) video!

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what's good Allhiphop! feedback & comments much appreciated. if you got music of your own, feel free to share! peace & respect

It wasn't easy writing to Adele's song "Someone Like You". It's a pretty aching ballad where she sings about a broken relationship which challenged me to explore parts of my heart i usually shy away from.. but I gave it all i could cause when I step up to that mic, life makes sense & I'm free.
Lately i been a wreck and i wish you nothing but the best/
I must confess I miss them days when you laid on my chest/
I'm still living check to check, really not yet ready for a next/
But I'm never gonna settle like a rebel in the flesh until i reach the highest level that i can with every breath/
I conquered death, memories they're all that's left/
Like waking up to good morning texts we used to send when we first met/
And I won't forget how we once gave so much more meanwhile expecting less/
So i guess it's the ppl that we bless who really become a part of our success/
No regrets jus silhouettes, i'm on a quest/
And should i fall, then i resurrect like when a baby learns to take his first steps/
Everyday's a test, the best never rest for a life without cause has no effect/
So don't ever let them haters see ya sweat, they got no class, bomb threat/
I'm dead set on big dreams, represent life to the extreme/
My team with me at the bottom all the way up to the top and we never stop balling til we falling like its autumn/
And i'm really not an option for you to be swapping, been driven and winning don't care if you're watching/
But every so often the way that we're talking, may be forgiven but never forgotten/
I stay lead popping, got yo head bobbin (writing to the beat), chrome steady rocking, i'm known to jog noggins/
Once left for dead like the Red Hooded Robin (Jason Todd, the first Robin who died and came back as The Red Hood), i bled in my coffin and then He came knocking/
I'm walking by faith, ppl ask me where, on the path to get right with the Man upstairs/
And if i ever get there with your thoughts and prayers, i'll save you spot, musical chairs/
I got a lotta of affairs that need repairs, so many peers who lend me their ears/
Been 22 years of blood sweat and tears, i had to ditch fears and switch up my gears/
And it's crystal clear why i'm still here, why He gave up His life to draw us near/
So we could persevere with our new careers as He engineers our world premier!/

Directed by: Petey Lee (Unbreakable Spirit Productions)
Instrumental produced by: Dan Wilson
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