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too many bills

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i hate being grown, this is wack


  • JJ 1975
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    Ya, when you live at home you just want to get out on your own. Then you really see why you have to work your butt off all the time and bring in the money in order to just have the basics. Having extra to actually go out and party is a struggle.
  • Chef_Taylor
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    Ill say that after all my bills are paid...i have a extra 5 to 6 hundred dollars(money in my savings not included)) of spending money.Most young people need to realize that before they go on a spending spree or tryna get there own place just think about what you'll have afterwards.
  • MicFamiliar
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    That's true. It is a difficult thing to manage the needs and the wants in life.
  • HafBayked
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    didnt somebody give you a house?....gtfoh
  • dalyricalbandit
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    i wanna be a toy r us kid again
  • Vader_F_Kennedy
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    nobody wanna pay bills...but be smart wit ya money budget if u have to and u will be aight
  • DOPEdweebz
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    Have a good paying job.

    Pay off ya credit card bills
    and try ya best to pay off ya student loans... and try to get a house asap. And have a great doctor (health insurance).

    Clothes is overrated and hopefully you have good public transit if you cant afford a whip.
  • goldenja
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    stay at home, light some candles, buy a record player... and you'll be aight
  • willhustle
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    It's apart of life I do it all the time. Get over and do what you're suppose to do.
  • P swayze166
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    if you can stay at ya crib youngings and stack some paper, do it...buy a house either live there or rent it that way you have 2incomes atleast coming in and you can just bounce around and live where u want. buy a 2 or 3 story house, u could rake in some nice income from that. that way you're bills dont take all of your money u get from ya job