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Untitled Poetry

blackphysics Members Posts: 91 ✭✭
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I from acity where people watery eyes for letting dreams dry
because procrastination nation was the hitman for hire
to making their dreams expire
The shame makes them want stay at a low profile like tires
because the road of life seems too hard for them to rise higher
This is how they prefer to survive
But if they think this what life is then they already died
So try to find life by following the weed smoke
empty 40bottles and the needles
Some go the wrong reverend
paying tithes to buy they way into heaven
Making a deal wiith the community devil because he wears a cross
Go back home find out theyre soul still at a lost
Alot of people are foolish
especially when wolves disguise themselves as humans
And if youre going to give them food from your plate
then theyre going chew it
If you give them too much of your kindness
then they will overuse it
The horrified screams and gunshots with the police sirens
Becomes the everyday music
The same politicians who say keep the peace
and lets increase the school budget
Keeps the money for themselves if school grades dont cut it
Turning a seed of life into a seed of destruction
Alot of my people in poverty dont have dreams to envision
Because they keep looking at current standards of living
Some crooked cops responsible for harming innocent civilians
because the suburbs are supposed to be the "Out of 🤬 " limits
Some blacks with self hatred
Are only attracted to people lighter skin
because they self racist
The same person who use guns to stick- up people
will never use it to fight for freedom
If only my people would look at their sunrise instead of focusing on their sunset
Then theyll realize that their dreams arent done yet.