What's up everyone. We are doing a contest with T.I. and we are giving away $1200 a day for the next 10 days. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.

If you could play GM to ALL your favorite teams....

Mister B.
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...and that team isn't the current champion of their respective league, what would you do to fix each team?


  • greenwood1921
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    I would let the Falcons and OKC GM's cook. But the Braves -- I'd put Chipper Jones on the injured list for the rest of the year -- injured or not.
  • Co_Town_Michael
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    Texas Rangers - Sign Roy Oswalt, move Neftali Feliz back to closer, and tell that 🤬 to shut up and like it.

    Houston Rockets - Get a 🤬 center, and trade Kyle Lowry.

    Baylor Bears Mens BBall - Tell them to stop playing the 🤬 2-3 zone, and stick to man-to-man defense.
  • Livefromclayco
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    Hawks-Trade Josh Smith and Joe Johnson

    UGA basketball-Start paying 🤬

    Braves-Send Chipper Jones home asap

    I'll let uga football and the falcons cook they know what they doing
  • greenwood1921
    greenwood1921 Members Posts: 47,115 ✭✭✭✭✭
    lol @ "start paying 🤬 " for UGA. Allday a fool.
  • Livefromclayco
    Livefromclayco Members Posts: 14,074 ✭✭✭✭✭
    🤬 a investigation

    I'm cheating catch me if you can

    My squad gonna be looking like the movie blue chips
  • caddo man
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    New Orleans Saints - Sign Drew Brees. 🤬 is giving me heartburn
    New Orleans Hornets - The GM now is doing his thing so I would just follow his lead. Resign Kaman and resign Landry but let him know he is a backup to whomever is drafted. Get another scorer coming off the bench either at SF or SG. Amnesty Okafor. I might as well give that money to Kaman.
    Atlanta Braves - 8 game losing streak - Give chipper some HGH. He leaving anyway!
    LSU athletics - 🤬 going smooth. I would sleep with the womens basketball coach. Nikki Caldwell. MXMHRNGFTDGCALK.20110404232910.jpg
  • A.J. Trillzynski
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    Blackhawks - make available everyone but Toews, Kane, and Hossa - do whatever it takes to acquire the best young goalie in the league and re-build from there.

    White Sox - I couldn't be much happier with this team right now.. this would probably be the last year i'm giving for Gordon Beckham to improve though, and Brent Morel is gotta go. other than that focus on the farm system as it's kinda poor and better marketing to get attendance up

    Bears - anything and everything to improve the O-line before next season

    Bulls - not wasting a minute to amnesty 🤬
  • 5th Letter
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    Jets- sign Braylon Edwards since he and Sanchez had good chemistry. He can start right away and Hill may get a year to develop without being thrown in the starting lineup.

    Nets- try to keep Williams if (when) he leaves we try to sign and trade him to whatever team he chose to sign with. Also re sign humphries and, Gerald green, and brook
  • Beta
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    Saints-Just sign Brees

    Heat- Either Amnesty Mike Miller or somehow trade his disgusting contract and try to orchestrate a sign and trade with Jason Terry and Brendan Wright. Then trade norris cole and the first round pick in the draft for a center like Kosta Koufus or Timofey Mozgov
  • lamontbdc
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    Wizards - Fire GM and Coach. Pray for that number 1 lottery pick. Please get rid of Rashad Lewis, Andrae Blatche, And Roger Mason

    Get Jon Wall a shooting coach and monitor how many jumpers he shoots a day.

    Nationals - Simple just get healthy, and acquire a real power bat and a center fielder after this season

    49ers - Call Drew Brees agent and tell him to sit out a year and come on out to San Fran the following year. Get some youth on the d line. Develop a real replacement for Gore.

    Michigan - Recruiting back on track so now it's time to really judge the staff's coaching ability. can Brady Hoke please get head set on during the game. O line and d line are in the process of being totally revamped. Still got a ways to go.
  • mr.jamrock
    mr.jamrock Members Posts: 435 ✭✭✭
    fsu- pay a the Alabama or lsu defensive coordinator to come to the acc
    Tampa Bucs- stop drafting damn defensive lineman and get another corner
    Orlando Magic- smh give up and sell the team
    Manchester United- make sure Rooney is resting
  • FlyFreeCt
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    Kings- Trade Tyreke while he still has value and is young along with Donte Greene and get bring in a top 10 pg...Pick up a legit 3 to hold down that spot since it's been a question mark for us for years..Draft another big man in the draft that can help Cousins out on a nightly basis in the paint...Cut John Salmons and make Marcus Thornton the 6th man instead of being a starter...

    Giants- No need to change anything, Jerry Reese makes the right moves alot more often than not..

    Yankees-We could use another solid starting pitcher, but that's all i can think of..
  • Idiopathic Joker
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    Suns - Tell Steve Nash your services with Phoenix are no longer required. Dont think about resigning. Gortat would be traded for a couple picks and so would Grant Hill. Reboot this team like Batman, except I would know how to draft talent and I would know how to keep talent.

    Cardinals - Make Skelton and Kolb really compete for that starting job. Trade away the older guys on defense who are not performing for draft picks and use those picks for our offensive line. Beanie Wells would be traded for picks also.
  • Mister B.
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    Sixers - Amnesty Elton ASAP. Trade Jrue. Make Evan the starting PG. Go after Al Jefferson. Groom LaVoy Allen and Nic Vuc to be in-the-paint BRUSIERS. Get Thad Young in the weight room, and Iggy a shooting coach. Draft a sharpshooter. Cut Jodie Meeks. Let Lou opt out, but if no one takes him, resign for 90% of his original salary just cause he's desperate.

    Eagles - Put Andy and the ENTIRE staff on one-year notice: Either Super Bowl appearance (at minimum), or everyone's getting the 🤬 out. Promote Dom Rogers-Cro to safety. Bring back the damn man-to-man and let Nnamdi do his work. Get a 50/50 run-pass ratio going, and try to get a fullback to give Shady some breathers. And....teach Vick how to SLIDE.

    Phillies - I'd just pass out Sensu beans. Them dudes are all 🤬 up. And trade Joe Blanton's money-stealing ass.
  • Built 4 cuban linx
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    Giants- nothing to change
    Yankees- put phil hughes in the bullpen and give phelps some starts
    Knicks- keep lin and novak. Get rid of landry fields. Try to get felton back