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does anybody remember when Ulitmo Dragon was in the WWE?

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aight im watchin a old wcw ppv, world war 3 1997. he has a match on there vs yugi nagata. but watching that match i asked myself, wtf did the wwe do wrong when they had him. i remember he had a nice lil hype when they brought him in, but his run is a lil blurry to me.

all that aside he was a dope wrestler


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    i totally forgot son was in WWF
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    Video or 🤬 lol
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    I think at a Wrestlemania, during his entrance, he slipped on his robe. During the match, he almost feel off the top rope.

    I also realized that him and Ricky Steamboat had the same entrance song.
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    He got injured and had a hard time coming back from the injury. When he got healthy, the E wanted him to either return without his mask, or lose the mask in a match. He refused, and they let him go, saying he wasn't a good return on investment.
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