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How do you rank Mary J Blige albums?

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Mary owns one of the most consistent set of records in R&B ever. From hip-hop flavored What's the 411? through soulful Mary to more commercially sounding Stronger with Each Tear. How do you rank dem albums?


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    I feel you. And My Life is definitely #1.
  • soulatlantic
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    only ones i can definitely rank are
    1. My Life
    2. The Breakthrough
    3. No More Drama

    beyond that i'm pretty evenly split with the rest. i LOVE My Life II and still spin it frequently, but I wanna see how it holds up with time. I really enjoyed Growing Pains back when it dropped, but it's kinda fallen in equal, if not even a little below most of the others.

    i despise Stronger and Love & Life though, never liked 90% either from the get go, and still don't like em. Only songs off Love & Life i like are Love At First Sight, Not Today and the Intro.
  • Trockm
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    Share my world definitely #1 for me, that cd bumps from beginning to end with not 1 skip...
  • VoluptiousVirgo6
    VoluptiousVirgo6 Members Posts: 55
    Share My World, What's The 411, My Life, No More Drama, Growing Pains:)
  • plocc
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    Share my world, whats the 411, my life, and mary. After that 🤬 is just getting recycled.
  • Ms. Sweeetface
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    Wasn't a fan on her last two albums....

    1. My Life.
    2. What's the 411
    3. Share my world
    4. No more Drama
    5. Mary
    6. Growing Pains
    7.Love & Life
    8. Breakthrough

  • kuskklassic
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    1. My Life (Classic)

    2. Whats The 411? (Classic)

    3. Share My World (Classic)

    4. The Breakthrough (Comeback Album)

    5. Mary (Near Classic)

    6. No More Drama (4 Mic Album)

    8. My Life Part 2 (Solid Album)

    9. Stronger With Each Tear/Growing Pains/Love & Life (Average Albums)