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Cant Load youtube videos?

silverfoxx SionGuests, Members, Writer, Content Producer Posts: 11,704 ✭✭✭✭✭
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I just downloaded the latest Adobe flash (11.3.300.257) and i cant see really NO videos. Anyone else having trouble with this? I cant even see videos on the IC just a blank black screen. When i right click it says " No movie".

Thoughts? 🤬 is WOAT.


  • Inglewood_B
    Inglewood_B Woodz of Inglez Members Posts: 12,246 ✭✭✭✭✭
    might have some windows updates that need downloading or have to enable java
    UPTOWN Members, Moderators, Writer Posts: 13,009 Regulator
    you can revert back to older versions on the updates or downloads page of their site.

    the problem is definitely java tho

    make sure, before you update, that flash's website is correctly recognizing your browser also

    dont think that just because it says 11.3.008 that its the same as 11.3.018.

    if it doesnt reconginze you cant upgrade

    i never update flash right away LOL. i always wait till the nag screen gets on my final nerve or until the vids wont play at all
  • deadeye
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    Damn, I thought my settings were 🤬 up or something.

    I can see YouTube on explorer, but I can't see any youtube vids on Firefox.
  • bull6599
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    If u updated to Firefox 13.0.1 I had the same isue. Had the RealPlayer Downloader that was causing the issue. Once I disabled it YouTube worked fine. Gotta wait for the add-on to be updated I guess. Sucks b/c I dl mad 🤬 off of YouTube