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Rings VS MVPs.....and other individual awards

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What can be used to measure a players greatness? Wouldn't it make more since to compare players through the awards they win individually? Mainly the MVP? A ring means that a player was on the best team that year. Its not like there is a season of 1 on 1. I think we would also agree that the player with the most rings isn't the GOAT.

I respect the hellish road to a championship but rings aren't won individually, which many people seem to conveniently forget. Also, the scrubs on teams also get rings. So what do you think?


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    INB4 "robert horry should be the goat based on rings argument"

    only a 🤬 would compare a role players rings to a team leaders
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    From a universal standpoint it's based on a balanced mix of individual awards/records, rings, and skills.

    There's a reason why most people won't say Bill Russell is the GOAT, despite his 11rings and 5mvps. It's because to most people his skill level isn't considered as high as the others greats.

    There's also a reason why most people won't say Allen Iverson or Barkley is the GOAT. That's because they have the individual accolades and the skills, but they don't have the rings.

    This is why most people have Kobe, Jordan, Kareem, or Magic as their GOAT. They have the total package. The awards, the rings, and the skill.