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CM Punk vs Randy Orton.....

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I don't really feel like finding and posting videos right now... And I might just be prisoner of the moment but with Orton's injuries and suspensions is there are chance that when it's all said and done, CM Punk will or can be seen as a greater star or more bankable star than Orton? Timetable 5 to 10 years down the road at the least


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    Well Punk has got some work to do if that's the case. Remember Orton has been pushed solidly for almost 10 years. He was only in the E (on TV) a year before he was getting top billing with Triple H in Evolution (2003 he was in the Elimination Chamber). Over the years Orton has done just about everything, but he did slack off in 2006-2007.

    Punk has been in the E 6 years already, so he's already behind. He's got Orton beat right now though.
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    I'm sorry CM Punk aint seeing orton yet...
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    Randy Orton is bland and boring as 🤬 . Always has, always will be.
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