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Egypt's Ancient Fleet ~ They came before Columbus

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An ancient harbor on 
the Red Sea proves 
ancient Egyptians 
mastered oceangoing technology and 
launched a series of 
ambitious expeditions 
to far-off lands....


A relief at the temple of the female pharaoh Hatshepsut in Luxor, Egypt, carved ca. 1480 B.C.,
shows a merchant ship on a trading expedition. Vessel artifacts match this depiction. Stephane Begoin

"The scenes carved into a wall of the ancient Egyptian temple at Deir el-Bahri tell of a remarkable sea voyage. A fleet of cargo ships bearing exotic plants, animals, and precious incense navigates through high-crested waves on a journey from a mysterious land known as Punt or “the Land of 🤬 .” The carvings were commissioned by Hatshepsut, ancient Egypt’s greatest female pharaoh, who controlled Egypt for more than two decades in the 15th century B.C. She ruled some 2 million people and oversaw one of most powerful empires of the ancient world.

The exact meaning of the detailed carvings has divided Egyptologists ever since they were discovered in the mid-19th century. “Some people have argued that Punt was inland and not on the sea, or a fictitious place altogether,” 
Oxford Egyptologist John Baines says. Recently, however, a series of remarkable discoveries on a desolate stretch of the Red Sea coast has settled the debate, proving once and for all that the masterful building skills of the ancient Egyptians applied to oceangoing ships as well as to pyramids."



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    Let me Get This Straight, Some Ancient Drawings of a Boat on a wall Got You Convinced That They Came to America! You Don't Think you Doing a Lot of Stretching? Wow You One of them Guys who Think The Pyramids was Built by Aliens Too Huh?
  • bambu
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    ^^^.... It would be a stretch for an individual that only looks at the pictures. However, if you read, specifically the book that I posted by Dr. Van Sertima and the link to the article, you would understand the connection that I was making.

    And you can miss me with all that ancient aliens 🤬 playboy.... If you took the time to read the material, you would not have approached me with that stupid 🤬 .

    You seem new, so this post prolly flew over your head... Take a look at the research and then come back with a specific example of "a Lot of Stretching?" and I will try to help you out...

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    Hey Don't Get Touchy Bruh. My Intention was Not to Offend You Bro! I Was Just Asking, People who tend to talk about Egyptians Writings or Claim They That The egyptians had Some Previous Knowledge That was Said to be Discovered Later Tend to say That ALIENS Built The Pyramids. I'll Look at The Material, But I Tend to Be Skeptical of This Psuedo Science & People Making Claims About Egyptian Culture. The Post Didn't Fly Over My Head in The Least Bit, But You're Right I Am New Here! Just a Skeptic to The Core & I Question Each & Everything!
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    @Bambu Btw Brother, You Didn't Have The Link You Just Gave me, You Just had The Cover of The Book & Based off The Link You Did Provide I Was Right to Assert The Connection of Egyptians Sailing to America was Absurd Cause The Link did no Mentioning of That & I Read The Link Before I Made a Comment. I'll Try to get Through This 330 Page Document Over The Weekend, But I'm Still Not Sure Why Would You Accept This One's Man View as Fact, But Maybe the Book will Reveal That! Peace!
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    @maestro_lungs....It's all good brother..... If it seems like I take this 🤬 serious, it is because I do. I do not support any mainstream or typical "ancient alien" conspiracy theories.

    I do not take one mans view as fact, I read his work years ago and connected the dots when I read the article. The European article from 2011 supports some of his research.

    And he is not alone with these theories.... I research as well and have several threads concerning ancient Egypt....
    Feel free to take a look.... Any questions would be appreciated.