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Ruff Draft's Bumpin' Tracks

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This is a thread that I'm going to dedicate myself to.

For as many days as I can, I will post a track inside this thread that I'm currently bumpin'.

Feel free to comment on any of the tracks that you find nice.

I'll break down tracks as to why I feel them, as well as a look at the artist.



  • RuffDraft
    RuffDraft Members, Writer Posts: 4,753 ✭✭✭✭
    First pick:
    Himmuki Feat. Raashan Ahmad - Alright (DJ Tonk Remix)

    'Keep it on on, I can make make this,
    Super hot hot, add it to your playlist!'

    This has 23 plays in my iTunes, it's a flawless beat, IMO. By that I mean that it never gets old and yet bumps, even two or three years after it dropped! The hook is dope and Himmuki's flow is nice throughout.

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