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Would you stop being friends with someone if you felt they were detrimental to ya relationship?

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I think one of my best friends is doing this..we haven't spoke since last month. I emailed and text her, no response.

Her boyfriend is a lame and she is obviously letting him pick and choose her friends for her...he always on his Carl Thomas emotional 🤬 ...i call that dude Carl

He doesn't like her going out so we haven't really hung out since they started dating a year ago...last month she hit me up and said she needed to get out the house so she had to "sneak out" so to speak b/c he was having a sleep study..well he ended up finding out b/c her tire blew out so when he got home he noticed her tire...he hit me up asking me all kinds of questions ..i'm like damn she a grown ass woman why does it matter?? He was like "i just wanna get your side of the story" the story?? really dude?? I don't have to tell you 🤬 ain't no story

anyways they broke up about 2 weeks later..i think they back together now but i dunno we haven't spoke but i have a feeling he told her to cut me off and they can work on things...should i just let it go?

that's been my girl tho for years..i didn't ask her to go out nor put a drink in her hand..i'm feeling some kinda way about this 🤬


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    im going to say yes! ol girl is weak minded if she letting some 🤬 come between you guys it may hurt but just let go the drama aint worth it!
    🤬 might get on some ike turner 🤬 and stuff cake in yo face
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    Honestly none of my friends are weak like your homegirl to where they would cut me off. My homeboys girlfriends for the most part don't like me, but know they can't do 🤬 about me being around. Never cut off your friends for a relationship, especially for lame types like your girls boyfriend.
  • Beezus
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    cosign both posts
    the part that bothers me the most is she is ignoring me and just not speaking...don't be a coward about it..keep it real with me..if you gonna cut me off for a man then u wasn't my real friend in the first place
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    @KU Beezy dont sweat that.. if shes a real friend she will come around..
    🤬 that corny ass dude..
  • blackrain
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    If I felt they were disrespecting my relationship then yeah because that's just something I don't tolerate. If it's on some my girl simply doesn't like my friend because their personalities don't mix, nope...she just gotta deal with that 🤬 being my friend
  • Beezus
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    yea i'm just gonna let it go
    before they got together we was always together but when they started dated i fell back and let her do her thing we still spoke everyday but we wasn't hanging out like we used to and i respected that and was happy for her but this 🤬 right here is crazy to me i would never do something like this ..i miss my girl :( she even deleted me on facebook lol i just noticed that 🤬 ..oh it's on now! lol jk
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    Nothing you can really do about it.

    Ol' girl already showed you where her priorities/loyalties are.

    You really don't need "friends" like that in your circle.

    Although it may not have been her intention, she actually did you a favor.
  • jono
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    You don't turn your back on people who been there for you for a long time for people who been there for a season. As long as the friend is respectful they don't have to like each other to get along.

    Your friend is a fool who will spend many nights in Emergency cause dude going to beat her ass. No 🤬 , he isolating her so he can control her. Whenever a 🤬 trying to break up friendships he out his damn mind.
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    Single friends are the enemy to guys..been in your shoes plenty of times, and it was compounded by the fact I 🤬 with black guys.

    But to answer the question, I would cut her off only if I personally felt like she were a detriment. If not, he could get over it.

    the bolded made me LOL for some reason

    are white dudes really that intimidated?
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    I'd just take a step back but not completely cut her off. He gon beat her ass one day watch....
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    Ya single friends are enemies because they insist on encouraging 🤬 activity. A lot of the time they're jealous of the relationship so they gladly help to ruin 🤬 . This only applies to women.
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    Only if I was thinking of marrying my girl. Wife(y) > Real Friends > New(er) Girlfriend > Associates/Fake Friends.
  • SleepwalkingInJapan
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    depends on who was in my life 1st...

    but more than likely nOpe...

    bruh in ur story seems unstable tho
  • deadeye
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    @fyah It's like they thought I was a recruiter or something..



  • blacktux
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    Cosign buttah b but that applies to men too. A person in a relationship shouldnt be hanging with single people like that.

    Like if you and a chick getting serious and she hangs out with 6 single females regularly, either something going to shake or you sharing that.
  • AZTG
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    Yo its a messed up situation. If she just a friend that you cool with then just go ahead and cut the 🤬 off for good but it seems like you guys were really close and you really care for your friend so what you should do is back up and get out her life but always keep the door open. People make mistakes, the dude probably filled her ear with mad things and convinced her to drop you and she probably was just scared of being alone and let her man convince her. if you really care then leave the door open and she will eventually come back and apologise and you guys will talk about it all and get over it. just remember she probably misses you as much as you miss her. But like I said do all that if you really care and were that close to each other. if she was just a friend you chill with here and there then say 🤬 it and forget her.
  • Beezus
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    still ain't heard from my "girl" did talk to a mutual friend of ours and she said her and her man ain't together

    this is baffling

    can't even lie i miss my girl :( oh well
  • Meta_Conscious
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    dudes have more respect for relationships in general so this a problem I aint never had... single females will drag a 🤬 into hoe situations and y'all can't deny that 🤬 ...
  • Beezus
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    lol i completely agree with u ^^^ but when they made it official..and then moved in with one another i fell back and respected her relationship..but yeah single friends are a mans worst enemy
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    If she ain't still with dude and STILL not 🤬 with you, you've got three things to consider: (A) she blames you (because he does), (B) she's trying to prove to him that he's the most important thing ever by keeping her distance from you, or (C) y'all wasn't ever that cool in the first place. Personally, I don't get what's to miss. Broad essentially told you in so many words, "His 🤬 >my self-respect, freedom, our friendship, etc." Typical junkie behavior, imo, and you never want them in the circle anyway.
  • twinzmom
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    I think you should give her time and maybe she'll eventually realize he's not the one. Then when she needs you be there for her.
  • ocelot
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    dead that girl beezy... you dont want weak friends around you... it'll bring you down...
  • Meta_Conscious
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    ocelot wrote: »
    dead that girl beezy... you dont want weak friends around you... it'll bring you down...

    it seems like Beezy the one that got deaded... and how is the chick weak because she rather have a man in her life than run around 🤬 IC mods? no disrespect...
  • Beezus
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    Lol beezy gotta man in her life sitting right next to me
    Anyways ol girl contacted me on my bday last week
    all is well