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Have You Ever Sold Your Ass?

Maximus Rex
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Considering that there's a lot of quasi and psuedo hoes on this message board, it's not a great leap of faith to figure out that of the chicks that frequent here either has, is, or is considering making happen and are willing to exchange sex or head for designer labels, trips, bill payments, meals, weed, power, thizz pills, hairron, homes, start up money for a business, or y'all just let a n*gga and some of his friends run a train on you for cold hard cash.

Is isn't about being judgmental, but I'm just straight up curious, how many of y'all were, are, or considering being a hoe? Also, how many of you chicks have actually been pimped on? Also, have any of you ladies ever been propositioned? How much was the offer, and did you accept?