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Article of Clothing Snatchers

Dr.Chemix Members Posts: 11,816 ✭✭✭✭✭
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So what you stealing off your man that just feels so comfortable on you? Boxers? Wife beaters? Socks? A favorite shirt you know he's worn? I love seeing wifey in my Yankees jersey...🤬 is mad sexy. Or when she rocks the boxers...love that. Or when she jumps into my jordan sandals and seeing her tiny feet in my big shoes...

Ladies, share what you stealing out of our drawers tonight?


  • BoldChild
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    Lady Zee wrote: »
    I used to steal his basketball jerseys, soccer/rugby tops, boxers, and he had a big leather jacket I always wore when I was cold. lol.

    That's too much, why you taking the his boxer's for?
  • CeLLaR-DooR
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    I do not en
    Lady Zee wrote: »
    I used to steal his basketball jerseys, soccer/rugby tops, boxers, and he had a big leather jacket I always wore when I was cold. lol.

    You and I would have fallen out...take my Utd shirt and be prepared for death
  • atribecalledgabi
    atribecalledgabi DragonstoneMembers, Moderators Posts: 14,063 Regulator
    big tshirts get snatched with no remorse. boxer briefs will get taken when i want something to sleep in that provides more coverage than just my panties.
  • Dr.Chemix
    Dr.Chemix Members Posts: 11,816 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Like I said, chix wearing boxers and wife beaters are just mad sexy...you can just watch that 🤬 jiggling in your boxers and nipple area regions poking out through the beaters...then she cooking breakfast????

    That woman deserves a good 🤬 down without question for her efforts...

    I love a woman in my clothes all big on their little frames...🤬 is mad cute
  • SneakDZA
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    Lady Zee wrote: »
    ^ I'm an Arsenal fan so you needn't worry ;)

    i don't know much about england but is it true that if you said that to his face he most likely would have headbutted you while wearing a colorful stripey scarf?
  • #1 pick
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    One of my ex's stole my favorite beater :-(
  • taeboo
    taeboo Members Posts: 4,669 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Used to take my ex's sweatpants and tshirts all the time...
  • Amotekun
    Amotekun Members Posts: 7,820 ✭✭✭✭✭
    My ex kept my grey kangol hat.....and my nerf guns....and 6 of my comic books.

  • MsSouthern
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    I have several of his shirts , 2 pairs of socks and a few pairs of boxers

    I take all kinds of things that remind me of him including an old blanket from college , this insolated cup from his house that keeps my ice from melting fast and some old mix cd he made years ago

    He says I'm strange but doesn't try to stop me or collect his things... I know he likes it
  • themadlionsfan
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    My girl takes my boxers and basketball shorta from time to time
  • Iheart~Cali
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    Anything I need to slip on at the time, except socks. I hate wearing socks that are too big. Ugh. They start dragging and then I feel those little lint 🤬 in between my toes. Yuck.

    Anyway, I do all the laundry anyway and we live together so I don't know if he thinks I'm "stealing" his stuff.