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Flipping The Script *Inspired by Frank Ocean- Pyramids*

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edited July 2012 in Waiting To Exhale

She walks with flair and a style like woo
attitude is top notch and my thoughts on she
is she the epitome of truth
I rekindle my statement
as her divine purpose was to make it or break this
hopeless romantic with the gift of unclothed exposure
shes a bad mamma jamma with the gun to quick to reload
so dashing with the clothes she expose
a dangerous dress with strapless thoughts on the prize
her thighs cover up hope that I will get a rise
deprived third leg crippling effect on the others
as she walks with a wedding dress proposal
shoes design by the best kept secret
no blueprint to release as she shows many her closed closet memoirs
thoughts on somebody that'll get it too soon
her eyes remind me of sitting on the porch in the heat of June
Philadelphia memories of fire hydrant spills
water gushing like the 🤬 that's about to be revealed
she walks up to me beyond the many that ask
no word express just spread like the water mass
that's critical and very religious tone of you
to park the sea of human beings that wouldn't mind
being with the Queen with such a pedigree
time to play some games with the burial plots
as she switches her mojo unto thee
such a good remedy to the blue ball blues
she tells me her name out of the blue
who knew the same name would carry remains
of a bloodline that seems similar
to the girl I wants knew
she was a church going lady with cooking mama smiles
living life like golden
could have sworn that this is the way that she loves me
baby such a loving creature
but this woman here is a lustful feature
number 229 is the design of the hotel suite
vivid imagines of her legs in the air
wrapping around my shoulders and flesh smacking everywhere
cig break mentally in the morning food from the first floor
and the news at 7
heaven hasn't have such a clue
to how true this reality is
took the number and out comes the plot
12:15am on the spot
the door opens 229 becomes 6 hours on in
rough passion and subtraction of juices
two wedding rings on the night stand
they carry such a nuisance
for tomorrow you are back to square one wife of mines
attitude 🤬 and a mind to whine and cry
defy me of pleasure
but tonight you are Ms Devious
schemes to make this passion last
props on cheating on the test...we officially passed....OUT