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Everything that happens in Dark Knight Rises (dont come in if u dont want to get spoiled)

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Dr. Crane is in it as the Judge in Bane's make shift court room.

Batman sacrifices himself to save everyone and perishes, however Bruce does not die.

I gave it a 9/10...It is a great movie. It kept my attention from start to finish. It only slowed just before the final act but not enough to really complain. I did not like the changes they made to the opening plane scene. They made Bane sound like he was talking through an air horn. Pretty sure this was a little FU to the people that complained back in Decemeber. "Oh, you couldn't understand him? How about Now?

The cafe scene is in it, it is the second to last scene. Blake finding the waterfall and thus going into the batcave is the final shot. He does not find the Bat suit or anything other then a bunch of water. As he's wading through the water the platform that hides underwate rises with Blake on it and fades to black.

At the end, the last shot of Gordon is discovering a new Bat Signal on the roof of the MCU. There is a will reading where all of Bruce's assets are sold off but Wayne Manor is not to be touched and it is left to be a boys home in the name of Bruce's parents.

A guy posted saying he was a Cement truck driver, I asked which of the two he was. Explained what happened to the two drivers and he confirmed he wast he one that got killed with a Richochet shot from Blake.

I have to change my earlier statment, Blake kills two people to save himself. He is disturbed by doing this.

Also the Mayor is killed, he's one of the only trilogy characters that doesn't make it.

I posted it earlier, Blake goes to the will reading then talks to the secretary and thats how we find out his full name is John Robin Blake. He gets a bag that has some supplies with a map and GPS and some other stuff.

Alfred is never shown getting a plane ticket, he just ends up in the cafe in Paris or where ever they are supposed to be where he see's Bruce and gives him a nod and walks away. Never approching him.

No scene at the end, its no a Marval Movie once the Title rolls after fad to black its credits till the end.

Yes, it is revealed in the last 25 minutes that she is. (talia/Miranda same person)

He is dead, he comes back in a dream that Bruce has while being held in Bane's Prison. (Ra's)

I think she was really good, shes not great but she holds her own. She's sassy in all the right spots and has that innocent look when needed to fool people then snap to ass kicker.

Bruce never breaks his one rule.

Bane is killed by the cannon on the Bat Pod. Talia is killed when the truck carrying the bomb is disabled by the Bat.

Gordon finds out who Batman is as Batman is getting ready to take the bomb out over the bay with the Bat.

Bane finds out the truth about Dent from Gordon. Gordon has written "The Truth about Harvey Dent" speech that he was going to read at the memorial from the trailer. He then decides to not read it. He puts it in this right inside pocket of his over coat. When Bane's men capture him, they search his body and find the speech. Gordon escapes, however he is shot while doing so. Bane reads the speech while standing ont he Tumbler. In it, Gordon resigns his positon.

Bane toys with Batman in the sewer. Lets him think he's winning then pummels him, then lets Batman beat him a little then beats him some more.

Bane, takes Batman above his head like in the comic and smashes him over his knee and messes his back up. Batman's back isn't broken however he has vertebrae that are bulging out of his back and have to be reset before he can walk again.

Liam is in it for maybe 4 minutes in a dream that Bruce has while his back is healing.

Catwoman shoots Bane with the Cannon just before he pulls the trigger on a sawed off shotgun in Batmans face.

I do not think Blake kills anyone, he has a gun and shoots at some people but never see him killing anyone.

A bag is left for Blake but its not read in the reading. He shows up and says there is something left for him. The secretary says she has nothing for him, he then says its under my real name. The secretary then says, "Oh here it is, you should go by your full name. Its nice." He smiles and she says Robins and nice name.

I don't remember Alfred getting a plane ticket, the next shot is of him at the cafe, he sees Bruce. Smiles and nodes but makes no motion to go towards him and then he walks away with a smile on his face.

The Lawyer at the will reading also can't seem to find Martha's pearls and can't close the estate without them.

We don't see how he escapes the Bat, Fox tells him when he gives it to him that the auto pilot needs to be fixed. Later he tells Fox he wasn't able to fix it and it worked fine. Last shot of Fox they are looking at the Bat and one of the techs says that the Auto Pilot was fixed 6 months ago. Fox asks by who and they say Bruce Wayne, then we go to Alfred seeing Bruce and Selina.
They never say how his name goes, but he says that it was under his full name. So my assumption would be John Robin Blake. But Robin being part of his name was stated clearly in the film.

It is never implied that Blake will be Batman, Bruce makes comments to him that if he is going to be a rogue he needs a mask but it is never openly implied. He never sees the suit in the cave. He does throw his badge away after the bomb goes off over the bay. If anything it is implied that he would become Robin. They unvail a statue of Batman at the end. It's a really cool statue by the way.

Only Dr. Crane, Ra's and Two-Face are mentioned. No other villains make cameos.

They fight in front of City hall, up the steps and Batman has the upper hand for most the fight. Bane gets some good shots in but once Batman damages the mask Bane starts to lose it and can't stay focused.

She calls herself her real name to Bruce when she stabs him while he has Bane down. It is revealed she climbs out of the well and not Bane. Bane loves her, however its never said she pregnant.

Young Ra's is in a flash back, and Liam is in a dream.
Batman has beaten Bane, while he is yelling in Banes face Talia Stabs him, while explaining her backstory to Batman she fixes Banes mask. She leaves Bane with Batman and she joins the truck holding the bomb. She tells Bane not to 🤬 Batman, that she wants him to feel the heat of the millions of people he couldn't save when the bomb goes off. She leave and Bane says "You know I have to 🤬 you now" Throws him down goes to shoot him, when Catwoman kills Bane.

Noboy calls her Catwoman in the movie.

He did beat Bane fair and square. He is betrayed by Miranda/Talia. Catwoman saves him after he is stabed and tied up by Bane. Talia fixes Banes mask, but after the beating Bruce puts on him, Bane is wimpering on the ground then she Stabs Batman.

He is someone in the Prison and saves Talia when she is little in the Prison, helps her to the wall so she can climb out.

By doing this, all the other prisoners beat him up and the prison Dr tries to fix him but makes it so he has to wear the mask. Talia, gets out and finds her father. He hates Bane and thinks of him as a monster and hats him cause he loves Talia.

His whole plan is to destroy the city, none other. Himself and Talia are ready to die to destroy the city.

Bane paints Gordon and the rest of the city officials as the bad guys. The criminal element sides with him, but the normal people don't.

The prison is Blackgate Prison, not Wayne Manor. At the end it is turned into a boys home in honor of bruces parents.