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White people have a Love&Hate relantionship with Black people.

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I noticed this after watching a video by Dr.Phil.After that I couldn´t get that out of my head.For example.
-They love to make statistics on our failures.
-They love our music.
-They think the hood is interesting but they wouldn´t take a journey to the hood.
-They say we´re 🤬 up but wont leave us alone.
-They think we are sexy but they don´t want there daughter marrying one of us.


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    hate & like sometimes, maybe relationship
  • blackjack2012
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    Why do you negros always care about what these crackers are thinking
  • Rozetta5tone
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    The biggest problem today's white ppl have with blacks is the way we treat each other..

    They look at how we do our own kind and base their judgements from there..at least thats whats told to me by most of the white folks i know whenever we have a candid discussion about race..

    If u act savage u will be treated as such..
  • BigBallsNoWorries
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    they r some of the most hypocritical 🤬 ever

    u say you dont like loud music?

    what the 🤬 was woodstock and all those rock concerts?

    you say we r violent

    but you watch UFC fights and drink beers and 🤬 fighting at bars saying "COME AT ME BRO" (Focused to the whites in their twenties)

    if they like statistics so much, straight up if someone has their 🤬 together, they could shut their 🤬 up wit that 🤬

    but its all good, as long as them 🤬 let me 🤬 down their daughters

    while they smile and say all types of racist 🤬 under their breath, i dont give a 🤬

    🤬 i dont give a 🤬 period what they think, as long as they dont say it to my face
  • NoCompetition
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    Good points. especially the down us but admire us part. And they sho wont leave us alone. And they sho love the music and lifestyles.
  • Allah_U_Akbar
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    More like a hate/hate relationship... Same as always.

    Whaddaya gonna do?
  • Copper
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    shots fired at munny
  • God-I_Am_Ether
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  • Matt-
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    you are half right
  • Amotekun
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    It's not love/hate it is obsession, and obsession does strange things to the mind.
  • 2stepz_ahead
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    love for us to make money for them
    hate for us to live next to them

    so basically...make that money just dont let me see you near me outside of work.

  • God-I_Am_Ether
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    And 🤬 are just as obsessed too.
  • Cabana_Da_Don
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    No shots at munny and white people like him.Munny is cool in my book.But 🤬 him.
  • The Lonious Monk
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    White people don't love black people. They love aspects of black culture and some black innovation, but they still hate black people. Think about how they use to shell out their hard earned music to hear black music back in the day, but would treat the very artists that made the music they loved like 🤬 . They loved the product and hated the producer.

    That said, I can see why people of other races hate black people nowadays. I'm not saying all black people deserve that treatment, but it's kinda hard to look at the typical portrayal of blacks and feel anything but disgust. If I wasn't black myself and knew better, I'd hate black people too.
  • Copper
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    lets invade and kidnapp these people from thier continent and take them to ours (which we also took) and make them do our labor for free and tell them to stick to thier own and go back to africa....
  • Copper
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  • Lurker6
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    swear a lot of you 🤬 are obsessed with white people 🤬 cant be healthy b.............also t/s i see u posting up that black revolution 🤬 .....🤬 is you watching dr.phil for 🤬 ....giving him ratings and more money in his pocket
  • Cabana_Da_Don
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    Lurker6 wrote: »
    swear a lot of you 🤬 are obsessed with white people 🤬 cant be healthy b.............also t/s i see u posting up that black revolution 🤬 .....🤬 is you watching dr.phil for 🤬 ....giving him rating and more money in his pocket

    lol.I´m dying son.
  • Recaptimus_Prime360
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    @ that white chick I was dealing wit. Throw fuel to the fire, yet quick to 🤬 up and cry victim when that fire burns they azzz.
  • In Your Moms Room
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    I love black people. I just wouldn't want to be black
  • blackjack2012
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    You shouldn't love black people whiteboi because we sure as hell don't love you 🤬
  • Crude_
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    White folks like some aspects of our culture.

    They like our music and dancing.

    They will go to games and cheer on our athletes, but the buck stops about there.

    Anytime it comes down to a Black moving to their community, dating their daughter, or holding any position or title that's perceived reserved for Whites it's a problem.

    They seem to perceive it as a "🤬 " stepping out of his place.

    The media makes this 🤬 no better.

    They will report 🤬 killing each other daily and perpetuate negative stereotypes of Black people all day long and a lot of uneducated Whites and Whites who haven't been around Black people feed into that 🤬 and that's when you get ignorant bigoted behavior.

    That said I don't have a problem with all Whites just the ignorant bigots that treat any Black person like a "🤬 " from the law abiding model citizen to the thug in the streets they see no difference and there lays the true definition of a bigot.

    There are a lot of them too particularly in Southern rural parts of the country.
  • idoitforhiphop10
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    So i guess the general consensus of this thread is that white people hate us, despite us being a big contributor to American culture.
  • God-I_Am_Ether
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    My question is which white people.

    Black people couldn't have made any progress in America without white alies.
  • Crude_
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    @over_🤬 a lot of White people are all for equality and equal rights for Blacks until they start dating their daughter or son, move into their community, or get in a white position.

    This new generation of Whites have a lot more sense than their White ancestors, but race relations have a long way to go.

    A lot of people think Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves because it was the right thing he did that 🤬 to punish the South for succeeding from the Union not to free Blacks or because it was the right thing to do.

    Black folks didn't get true equality until after the Civil Rights movement of the 1960's.

    White folks didn't have a choice the world was changing into a more industrialized society and everyone needed to have equal opportunity to make that happen.

    A few enlightened minds came along validated equal rights for Blacks by interpreting some vonacular in the Constitution.

    This is the kinda 🤬 they don't tell you in those history classes.