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Their S/O Is Running Their Life

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You know of someone who is in a relationship or married that their s/o pretty much controls them or they feel like they can't do anything without them? When people are with a person, besides work, they want to be with them every minute and they neglect family and friends? Whenever you meet with them, their s/o is around?


  • Trollio
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    🤬 whipped 🤬
  • s_a_m_r_i_o
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    Nope, me and the current girl have that understanding. I can go anywhere then hook up with her after I'm done than for her to come with me or texting or calling me while I'm out.
  • AZTG
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    ^^^ that ain't gonna last long yo. wait and see. pretty soon you will be the same position as the dude you explained in the o/p. Women just don't want their man having fun if it doesn't include them. They may be cool with you having fun without them but it still bothers them.