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Degeneration - X Promoted Homosexuality

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Was I the only one who noticed this? This is why I was never really a fan of DX. Besides the blatant homosexual relationship between Shawn Michaels and Hunter Hearst Helmsley, they promoted their alternative lifestyle with enough pizazz to highlight a pride parade. What was up with two men talking about eachothers sausage? One of their catchphrases is "Lets get ready to SUCK IT!!"

No sir, we will not suck anything.

Sure, their female fans hid their secret and late 1990s college guys were too wasted from taking a shot everytime Stone Cold Steve Austin flipped the bird to give a 🤬 , but it was still there. Grown men being being butt naked with eachother making 🤬 jokes, chyna looking like davey boy smith made a life choice and is sticking by it, and of course being Vince Mcmahon's boy toys ("rumors" of course).

The signs were there. Just my observation.