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Do you feel you're in your peak physical condition now?

Mister B.
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Or, if not, when did you peak?


  • Bussy_Getta
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  • west3rd
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    After being in shape from 16-21 solid...I lost track the last 2-3 years and went up to 230 at 6'1...I was tripping.

    But after 9 months deployed and hitting the gym and cardio hard since before xmas last year, I am down to 192 and run about 15 miles per week.

    I got another 7-10 pounds I'm trying to lose and I think within the next 6 months I will be back where I always was. And I will NEVER let that 🤬 happen again...fitness takes dedication and being back at it made me realize I missed it...
  • waterproof
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    Not yet, I am trying to get to that Bruce Lee level and Muhammad Ali (1964-1967) when the Mind, Body and Spirit is as one that's what I strive for and that's the pinnacle Peak.

  • JJ 1975
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    Getting there. I think I am the type of person who always sees improvement or wants more, but I am in great shape now.
  • dwade206
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    Since I switched up to calisthenics, yup. Though I'm not lifting heavy weight, I'm doing way more reps on a consistent basis. With the gym, either I have to drive or take the train, change, weight for a bench, wipe the sweat off from the bench, drive home, shower, prepare for tomorrow and its already 10 at night. 🤬 a gym.
  • Mister B.
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    I'm in the best shape since HS...but I want to be better. Now that I'm pretty much 30 (hit that mark in October)' I want to be what I call "NFL starting fullback shape".

    Right now, I'm 5'8" and weigh 235, but I'm husky and a lil' built. I figure since I can squat 350 and bench 225, I'm cool for my size, but I want to be able to squat 400 and bench 250 by years' end, weighing like 220-225.

    Getting there, I guess...

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  • caddo man
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    Hell no! My peak was almost ten years ago. I was running a 5-6 minute mile. averaging 18 minutes for 5k. 🤬 was GOAT. I will get close to that and soon.
  • dalyricalbandit
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    not yet im entering mine
  • ill_lojikal_kon
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    Nope... I have yet to get there. I want to be able to bench 1.5x my weight and squat 2x my weight in another year or so. Also would like to step my cardio up a bit.