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List of Moderators

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For those who want to know who all the mods are - Sion , KillaCham , Stew , Black_Samson , MsSouthern , UPTOWN , blackrain , MillzOG , dalyricalbandit , Kai , Joker_De_La_Muerta , GodGivBiz , 5th Letter , Tupacfan , Cain , _Goldie_ , infamous114 , BustaCarmichael , StoneColdMikey , & atribecalledgabi.

I devised this list since people were asking who all the moderators are. If you have a question or concern or anything for that matter just click on one of the profiles below and send us a PM:

List of Mods and next to their names are the rooms they mod.

By Moderator
Stew - GNS, Reason, AKA Donkey, Cheap Seats
blackrain - GNS, R&B Alternatives, Waiting to Exhale
KillaCham - The Reason, The Arcade, OTTB
5th Letter - The Reason, GNS, Cheap Seats
Black_Samson - GNS, Donkey, The Reason, The Arcade
MsSouthern - Powder Room
MillzOG - Cheap Seats
janklow - Social Lounge
Sion - The Reason, GNS, IllPix, LCA, The Arcade
dalyricalbandit - IllPix, GNS, Reason
kai - Powder Room, GNS
Tupacfan - Waiting To Exhale
JokerKing - AKA Donkey, The Reason
GodGivBiz - OTTB, The Reason
Cain - GNS, Quite Comical, AKA Donkey
YoungGoldie - The Reason
infamous114 - Cheap Seats
BustaCarmichael - AKA Donkey
StoneColdMikey - The Reason
atribecalledgabi - LCA

*legend: GNS = For The Grown & Sexy, OTTB = Off The Turn Buckle, LCA = Lights Camera Action

By Forum Room
The Reason - Stew, KillaCham, 5th Letter, Black_Samson, Sion, JokerKing, dalyricalbandit, YoungGoldie, GodGivBiz, StoneColdMikey
Reviewably Incorrect - Any
R&B & Alternatives - blackrain

AKA Donkey - Stew, Black_Samson, JokerKing, Cain, BustaCarmichael
For The Grown & Sexy - Stew, blackrain, 5th Letter, Black_Samson, Sion, dalyricalbandit, Cain
The Powder Room - MsSouthern, kai
The Social Lounge - janklow
Fashion Forward - Any

Roc Tha Mic - Any
Waiting To Exhale - Tupacfan, blackrain

Ill Pix - UPTOWN, dalyricalbandit, Sion
Let Me Ride - Any
IllTek - Any
From the Cheap Seats - Stew, MillzOG, 5th Letter, infamous114
Lights, Camera, Action! - Sion , atribecalledgabi
Quite Comical - Cain
The Arcade - KillaCham, Black_Samson, Sion
Off The Turn Buckle - GodGivBiz, KillaCham
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