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DCIAA football outscored 308-21
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Extra! Extra!! Read all about it!!!!

Great Weekend for DCIAA Football

By: Someone who actually cares

It was an interesting weekend of DCIAA football. So interesting, in fact, that I have written a special Labor Day piece to run down all the action. There were 10 games scheduled but only seven games were played. 70% is pretty good when you think about it.

Ballou vs. KIPP, PPD

This game was not played because the league could not secure a doctor for the event. Ballou has been unable to play their first two games this season, but they have a bye next weekend, which could enable the DCIAA to reschedule a game or give Ballou a third week of rest. Stay tuned.

Coolidge vs. McNamara, PPD

This game was not played because the league could not find security to work the game. Like Ballou, Coolidge has not been able to play either one of their first two games. Both Carroll and McNamara have suffered because of the DCIAA's inability to function like a normal organization. Fortunately, Coolidge has a bye next weekend, which could enable the team to play their first game. Or the DCIAA can give Coolidge another weekend of rest. Stay tuned.

Cardozo vs. Options, PPD

This game was not played because Cardozo does not have enough players to field a team. Because the DCIAA allows players to choose the school they play for and transfer in and out without any consequence, some programs struggle to meet roster requirements. Both Eastern and Spingarn have struggled with this in recent years. Will Cardozo have enough players next weekend to play Anacostia? Stay tuned.


Eastern is temporarily closed while the school is renovated, so there will be no football games for the Ramblers this year. Considering Eastern failed to score any points in 2010, as in zero, it's probably a good thing to give the football program some time off.

Morgantown (WV) 41, Anacostia 0

The Indians failed to score in a 41-point loss to West Virginia's Morgantown High School, and Anacostia didn't score in seven of their 10 games last season. Anacostia is scheduled to play Cardozo next weekend, but stay tuned to see if the Clerks can get enough players on their roster.

Edmondson-Westside 56, Spingarn 0

Spingarn actually competed against Edmondson last year, losing by 14 points. This year was a different story. The Green Wave lost by 56 point and take on a tough Mercersburg Academy next week.

Martinsburg (WV) 48, H.D. Woodson 0

The defending DCIAA champs were held to 49 yards in total offense while their defense allowed 336 yards. It was 28-0 at halftime. Martinsburg's coach had the following to say after the game:

"They're very athletic," Martinsburg coach David Walker said. "We didn't know what to expect; we knew they were city champs (three years in a row). They have three or four Division I athletes.

"But our guys were relentless. They weren't overwhelmed by the talent of the city team. We have talent, too."

H.D. Woodson will take their talents to Fairmont Heights next weekend in what should be more competitive game. I hope...

Suitland 39, McKinley 0

Suitland was winning 14-0 in the first quarter and 27-0 by halftime, but they didn't allow any points in the third quarter! Unfortunately, Suitland scored 12 more in the fourth quarter.

North Hagerstown 54, Roosevelt 0

Losing by 54 points is that bad when you think about it. It's not even eight touchdowns!

Yorktown 48, Wilson 13

Wilson deserves some respect for actually scoring. Still, they lost by five touchdowns.

Dunbar (Balt.) 22, Dunbar (DC) 8

It looks like Dunbar could be halfway decent this year, but it should be pointed out that there game ended early because the two teams started fighting.

If you are keeping totals, the DCIAA was outscored 308-21.
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