What's up everyone. We are doing a contest with T.I. and we are giving away $1200 a day for the next 10 days. Just wanted to give you all a heads up.

Rules of the Powder Room

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Welcome to the Powder Room

This room is dedicated to the Ladies of the IC. So please feel free to create threads and posts that you would like a female perspective on. Now of course we love input from our Male posters too.

Rules of the Room

1. NO WOMAN BASHING. There will be zero tolerance and will lead to banning.

2. Please create threads where they belong. If at anytime a Moderator feels a thread is better suited for a different room, it maybe re-directed as such. Other threads that blatantly disregard the description of the room will be moved or deleted at the Moderators discretion.

3. No Spamming or Trolling

4. Please try to keep thread derailment to a minimum.

5. No cursing in thread titles. The title maybe edited or the thread deleted per the moderator/admin discretion.

6. If you post something that you think is questionable... please include a NSFW ( Not Safe For Work ) disclaimer or post it with a spoiler.

If you have any questions or concerns please PM either Haute or myself and we will be happy to help you.