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A Question for the Women on Here

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I know the world often sees things through a male perspective and so my question is... it doesn't bother you ladies when you hear people saying "money over 🤬 " , or men putting their wallets, jobs over yall ?

Like in a real world circumstance, not the internet, if you were in a relationship for some time it wouldn't bother you if 🤬 up and left you to pursue a better paying job or "the paper" LOLOL ? Even if everything was completely fine in the relationship ??

Do you take offense to people saying "money over 🤬 " or saying things like "you'll lose a lot of money chasing women but you'll never lose a woman chasing money" ??

I always thought it was suppose to be a team effort....

Let's speak on this....


  • Sion
    Sion Moderator, Legion of Trill, AHH Content Producer, AHH Editor Members, Moderators, Writer, Content Producer Posts: 45,666 Regulator
    Inspiration for the thread partly came from this song:

  • 5th Letter
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    women like men with money, so they should see it as fair game. /sarcasm

    but on another note i don't think anyone (if they loved the person) would appreciate getting left regardless of the reason.
  • taeboo
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    My friend and I were just having a kinda of similar conversation about how people don't want to climb the ladder of success together anymore.

    Personally I would be hurt if my man thought I would be a liability to him fulfilling his goals.
  • MissK
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    I agree with the T/S-It should be a team effort and if men think a woman is a liability, you messing with the wrong one.
  • Bussy_Getta
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    Eh it never bothered me.
  • Bussy_Getta
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    Lil Loca wrote: »
    Money is equated with power and that's what men are told to acquire. Women are seen as standing in the way of that because they are equated with the opposite of power and appealing to a man's weakness. I pay the saying no mind because it only seems to be some chauvinistic 🤬 that rappers say to sound cool, even though they probably begged for 🤬 back when they were broke.
    I'm gonna agree with this.
  • Meta_Conscious
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    words <<< their meaning
    women also adopt the "mob" philosophy...
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