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Tower of 🤬 (Manwha - basically a korena manga)

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I'll move this to animania in a bit.

Anyone else reading this? It's basically sort of a new style of comic/manga that is made for the web.

Instead of pages, it's read like a scroll. (you basically just scroll down as you're reading, cause it's one long page.

Anyway, the premise of the manga is that there is some huge long tower (each floor of the tower is about the size of the American continent) , and if anyone manages to get to the top, anything they want will be granted....anything.

When it starts off the, it doesn't give the reader much information about what is fully going on, but once you reach chapter 75, it all starts to unravel. Headon ethered that foul ass lying 🤬 . <<< You'll know what I'm talking about if you decide to read.

http://www.batoto.net/read/_/6/tower-of-🤬 _v1_by_the-company


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    Well, I'll just delete my story idea for a soul caliber remake off my computer now.
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    sounds like this other anime i watched based off a game called Tower of Druaga
    and heres a link to the series on youtube....i believe its all of season 1 & 2
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    been meaning to start reading this 🤬 , I 🤬 with "The Breaker" heavy.
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    So far, this series is in my top 10.

    It's been on a two week break, but the break is over now, the raw of the new chapter comes out this Sunday morning.

    mangapirate.net releases the scanalation later in the evening, but their scan and translation is not the best, it makes do though.

    In about a week, a better scan/translation is released on batoto.net
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    I started reading this. Its dope so far. I don't like the long page format though cause I usually read manga on my phone with apps.
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    ok i read it and im up to date....its a good manwha
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    The prince shuts 🤬 down.
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    For those that don't know, there are back stories on a lot of the top notch people in the tower. It's how people knew who Gustang was before his name was mentioned, his appearance is described in his bio.

    Po Bidau Gustang

    Sobriquet Aloof Wave
    Position Wave Controller
    Family Bidau Family
    Affiliations High Ranker, 10 Great Warriors
    Ranking 14
    Height 183cm

    Po Bidau Gustang (포 비더 구스트앙) is the head of the Bidau Family, one of the 10 Great Warriors and the first living being to systematically record Shinsoo. Po Bidau Gustang is the Tower’s most famous Wave Controller and writer. Excluding the eccentrics within the Blacksmiths, he probably knows the most about The Tower.

    Along with the glasses he wears to better see the flow of Shinsoo and elegant brunette hair, he’s actually quite a handsome guy. However, because of his quiet, reserved expression, most find it hard to approach him, so he’s often the "target of affections". Eurasia Blossom once commented on Gustang’s good looks:

    “Yeah, he’s like an elegant, ancient book... the same kind that makes you yawn after reading.”

    After splitting with Blossom, acting contrary to his reputation, he started to go out with different women. However, his greatest followers took his side and stated that he was acting up because the empty spot where Blossom once occupied was too big. Of course, when he went from a "nice guy" to a "bad guy", his popularity increased even more. (This is all an old story…)

    The males of Gustang’s family work in a research group called the "Research Association". If they do not make it as members, they are eventually kicked out of the family. Because it is a very powerful and exclusive group, the members enjoy high reputation and fame, matched only by the "Chosen Children of Koon".

    Gustang and the Blacksmiths have a pretty close relationship. So much so that Macseth (The Great Father of Blacksmithing) and Gustang often get together to exchange stories. Because of this close relationship, there exists a rumor that says "Gustang knows the way out of the Tower". Hearing this rumor, Urek Mazino once visited Gustang to learn the way to leave the Tower. However, he left after a while with a headache and complained to Baek Ryun, “It'll be easier for me to dig my way out of the Tower with a spoon than to learn anything from that guy”.

    Other than Shinsoo and the Tower, Gustang was highly interested in researching the "Guide" Position. However, the topic of the "Guide" is a highly taboo topic within the "Research Association". Perhaps it's because of his pride as a researcher that he doesn’t want anyone else to take his research targets?