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New Common Flick!!! "Luv" This Joint Looks Realler Than The Wire



  • wilberdmillz
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    illedout wrote: »
    So was this 🤬 in theaters at one point or not?
    Common beat the 🤬 out of ole boy that was picking up Megan Good. Would have been nice to know the story behind all that too.

    Pretty sure Megan Good was his girl before he got locked..

    I peeped that, it seemed like Vincent knew the dude picking her up though
  • S.jR.
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    Need to change the title of this thread.. Ol' hype up a movie to get people into your thread 🤬 .
  • Maximus Rex
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    I saw this 🤬 in California at my Boo-Boo's house. The movie was okay, up until they got to the part where the lil 🤬 was trying to come of as this ballin as drug dealer coupled with Common trying to a deal with the brother of the 🤬 that you popped. 🤬 was hella unrealistic. They both would have popped and the dude's they were trying to do the deal with would have taken their dope.

    WTF @ the ending. The lil 🤬 learns to drive literally hours before and he's suppose to drive from B-more to NC (320,) UNFUCKIN' NOTICED IN A BENZ! Really 🤬 ? Talk about insulting the audience's intelligence. I could understand if the lil 🤬 was suppose to be like 16, 17, 18 years old, but the muthafucka is like in junior high school. Sometimes 🤬 do too much in their movies.
  • Will Munny
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    edited July 2016
    I bailed when he yelled at Woody for freezing up with a gun like he ain't 10 years old man wtf.

    All this yelling WOODY! reminds me of myself out pheasant with my dog 🤬
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