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The Great American Cancer

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Unique and inseparable
insatiable to the cause of affection
infliction towards the lower end
walking through a crowd of suits and ties
cigar smokes inhales truth and exits lies
outside their eyes they see equal
going home to the other side of town they see despicable
human beings unseen to the population
they hesitate to self promote and get a position
stick to the plans and go beyond recognition
stay on the lane and buy the interstate
only folks sitting behind the driver can relate
as we travel the road less dedicated
look at the people of tomorrow
so caught up in the blunders of past sorrow
bragging about incomes from a government that institutes them
meanwhile I'm avoiding the cost and the abbreviation
of being in their shoes
you going to have to hang me along with the ones that's grasping
asking for favors and grabbing cash from the register
such vultures and parasites these "guys" are
superstars turning American town cars into mockeries
hogging up my tv screen preaching to the youth about getting money
over my dead American body
but who is thee to spew such remedies when I'm no different
I just breathe the air of a silver spoon accomplishment
never dealt the hand but have a royal flush hidden
concealed in my soul lies pity and disaster
feel my wrath as I crash the party with my intellect
of concentration camps for the 47 percent
the other half work for me while the almighty dollar
shines superbly over the one percents predictable victory
maybe I'm the curse to this mold
the disease to the sick
the rapture to the spirit
the Great American Cancer

Stricken with sickness can't move to left or right
so uptight on my rest bed as they cut the only thing
I have to live for
vultures I yell at the screen
meanwhile doctors shout at me that my medical bill is obscene
so mean they treat me
beat me and give me left overs with hairs
so unfair how reality kicks in
with no wisdom of the wrong the country done
nah its not even this country but the people that control the Land of the free
almighty 🤬 do you hear me
do you strong agree that this is the end of me
family is strong on theft, murder and selling dreams
get rich quick schemes to get out of this long scene
hopeless I wonder if maybe there's a 🤬 to began with
government cut down and many in my shoes are feeling the blues
so hurt and misused by the strong cabinet of fools that use big words
to ridicule and undermined the blind, deaf, and foolish
now we all in the world of predicament
just the other day there's another war on the way
attacking an unknown country while the army strive of perfection
protecting the rich class meanwhile the regime is full of broken broke fools
that don't have a 🤬 to 🤬 in coming home
and left alone while wife becomes mistress, husband gets the temptress
and they are long lost souls of the propaganda
excuse my feelings for they are so deep
and please pardon this self pitiful speech
but this is my final plea for america to see
maybe just maybe this is deeper than them vs we
poor vs rich or minorities vs the major
this is just me against the manipulative society
the cure against The Great American Disease