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🤬 - The Reality Series

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Tap dance tap dance to the melody
listen to the applause of the other guy
the spews of comments that flood the facebook scene
majority hate the other side and so on
racism is still alive but its survival of whose the sickest
in the mind they seek perfection and tactics
to multiply and expand
be in demand of work while we are all underachieving
from a war we are still grieving
meanwhile uncle sam is slamming and thrusting
crushing 🤬 action
the satisfaction of 🤬 on the job reform paper
and the face of lady liberty
so 🤬 so poetic
need another smoke
light it up and watch the poor choke
devotion to their death
laughter and holocaust thoughts
red elephant marks
dead donkey remarks
smart comments made by ignorant fools
lobbyist posing as liberal anti american tools
go against the grain keep the hate machine rolling
rolling all over the dreams of the almighty
and the forefathers that die for the chance of the country
to be free for everybody
why even bother as I keep getting rolled rolled over
see my caucus on the ground
sounds of gunfire and chaos over wrong and idiotic
astonished and hurt...but applaud none less
so much stress not enough options
so much death and not enough care for everybody
we need a cure, a different time, a scream, a fist, A 🤬 FIST
but keep it rolling American people even I
as I type away from the heart but my spirit is locked inside
meanwhile the countries getting the Janet Jacme treatment
one skeet to the face a scene and a slap from behind
oh keep it rolling baby yeah!!!