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If YOUR team doesn't win the SB, who do you WANT to win?

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If the Pats don't win it, I hope the Ravens do.

1. The AFC has been weak recently. NFC has been dominating and has all the best young QBs minus Luck, Flacco, and Dalton.

2. Their window of opportunity is closing. It might be Ray Lewis and Ed Reeds last year. And then the Ravens will be in rebuilding mode. Ravens will be a joke after those two are gone. It would also be nice to see two legends go out on a high note like Jerome Bettis did.

3. Ray Lewis in a football life says: "Baltimore will win another SuperBow. I owe it to a certain group of men to touch another Lombardi trophy with them". Probably referring to the players that weren't with him when he got his first ring (Ed Reed, Suggs)

So if you team doesn't win the SB, who would you like to see win it?