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NBA Past vs Present: Gary Payton/ Deron Williams

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Gary Payton a 6'4 point guard was a lockdown defender, good scorer, solid PG out of da post nd good distributor of da ball. his career is slightly overlooked in wat he did in makin Seattle a relevant playoff team for years nd even takin them to da finals, they were neva da same once he left then eventually moved to OKC. His best 2 seasons statistically were in 1999-00 (24.2ppg 8.9apg 6.5rpg nd 1.9spg) nd 2000-01 (23.1ppg 8.1apg 4.6rpg career high 37.1% from 3)

Deron Williams another point guard who takes advantage of his size wit post game. He's a versatile point guard wit a great jumper, great court vision dat can score from anywhere on da court nd has sneaky quickness nd athleticism. His best 2 seasons statistically were in 2011-12 (21.0ppg 8.7apg) nd 2008-09 ( 19.4ppg 10.5apg) Deron hasnt had great teams built around him so he hasnt had a lot of playoff success but dis year is his most balanced team nd he's entering his prime soon so big things are expected from da "best PG in da NBA" in some circles.

So my question is who would u rather have to start a team. Gary Payton in his prime a guy who had rebounding prowess for a PG nd had great defensive instincts (career high 2.9 in 95-96 nd 1.8 for his career) or Deron Williams a guy who is a more willing distributor (averaged ova 10 apg 5 times in his career sumthin Payton hasn't done once)

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Gary Payton
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Deron Williams
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