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Significance of Self

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Who fades into obscurity to awaken birthed anew among our platforms?
Winds of change are far from subtle, our garments tattered and worn
Raising the eclipse of your eyes to bare witness the shifting of your time
Lost within these deep wells of the forbidden to unlock a puzzled mind
For if I pass, my stories would find you nestled in your warmth abundance
Cover your restless shiver with thoughts we dare not to wonder
Your ears heard them shout their words and you raised your expectations higher
The star fell and you wished...found a flame that could never expire
So we set sail on these waters black with oil in hopes of finding the truth
You ask me of your importance; I can only smile and leave the answer to you
Fear not what we lack but adhere to the path to understand what we gain
Remembering our fails and achievements like memories enclosed in wooden frames
For I have never seen a light shine brighter than yours even when the dawn emerges
Or let a smile erupt from my stone appearance while you shatter the rumors determined
If the phoenix rises, then how are you not able to do the same
With a command of your heart, you will bring the blue skies from the gray and rain