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Lingerie Football League commissioner mocks NFL for its low officiating standards

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There is a head of an American football league who has fired an officiating crew because he felt the integrity of his sport was at stake.

There is a pigskin boss who was willing to bite the bullet and admit he made a mistake.

His name is Mitch Mortaza. He is the commissioner of the Lingerie Football League. And he feels the NFL has lowered its standards.

Mortaza was surprised to learn a referee he says he dismissed for poor performance, Craig Ochoa, had been picked up by the NFL and placed into the NFL's marquee Hall of Fame game. Ochoa has not served in a regular-season game so far, but he remains with the NFL as an alternate. And Mortaza just can't get over it.

"It was a bit of a shock to see guys that couldn't officiate in our league were officiating in the NFL," Mortaza says.