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Another 🤬 /obvious "comparison" from the Black Man, Larry Johnson vs Carlos 🤬

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This comparison is basically undersized power forwards who scored their points effectively in opposite ways.

Larry Johnson was an explosive player. during his Charlotte years he was tenacious athletic nd was a good rebounder as an undersized 6'6 power forward. His best 2 years in his career was in 1992-93 (22.1ppg 10.5 rpg nd 4.3 apg on 53% shooting) nd in 1995-96 (20.5ppg 8.4rpg nd 4.4apg on 36% from 3) Unfortunately he only played 9 seasons due to a bad back but he was an effective player postin career averages of 16.2ppg 7.4rpg on 48% shootin.

Current bad contract aside when he was at his max potential Carlos 🤬 was an efficient player wit a great mid range jumper. 🤬 has shot at least 49% every year in his career shootin 54% for his career nd his 2 best seasons aint too poor either 07-08 (21.1ppg 10.4rpg on 55%) nd 06-07 (20.9ppg 11.7rpg nd 56%) 🤬 entering his 10th season posts career averages of 17.0ppg 9.9rpg on 54% his numbers have slid in recent years but they could go up due to da Rose injury.

Both players have averaged 20ppg twice in their careers (3 if u count 🤬 averaging 19.5ppg in 2009-10) neither were considered go to guys or number 1 definitive options for too long. Both were 2 time all-stars so my question is who do u think is betta? Sure Larry Johnson was more marketable but 🤬 put up numbers dat compared wit not as much fan fare. Johnson had more range (hence da 3 pointershe hit) nd more athleticism (1991 dunk contest) but due to his injury he wasnt as consistent as 🤬

NBA Past vs Present: Larry Johnson vs Carlos 🤬 31 votes

Larry Johnson
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Carlos 🤬
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