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Name your TOP 5 Favorite Players in the NBA

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I think pinning it down to 5 players is tough but we all have certain players in the league that we admire most on the court and would pay to see easily.... Some people mite not like your 5 but just keep it 100 and only 5, 1 honorable mention... Primarily active players, let's not go back to the Magics and MJs...

1. Kobe Bryant- hometown hero, top 3 all time in my eyes already, if not top 2... That's my opinion

2. Chris Paul- since NO I've been down with cp3, best leader in the league if u ask me... Can make any team a playoff contender

3. Derrick Rose- Man, dat 🤬 nice!

4. Blake Griffin- he has the ability to be unstoppable once that jumper gets semi consistent... He gets a jumper he could be as good as Bron (laugh if want)

5. Carmelo Anthony- When Melo is on his 🤬 not too many can touch the kid n/h... I'm a fan didn't enjoy his last season but dude still elite offensively, def one of my favorite players to watch...

Honorable mention
JR Smith- idk but since dude was a Nugget he's been my guy... Alot of people think dude is a chucker but I like his game and actually is a better defender than credited... Prob top 5 Dunkers and has maybe the longest range from 3, when he gets hot he ain't cooling down but he has his cold nights and is a relentless shooter with no pulse but I think if he could get starter shine with a bigger role he could easily drop 20+ a game.. JR is a beast