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Pizza delivery boy rapes woman in Manhattan apartment

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Pizza delivery boy rapes woman in Manhattan apartment: police

By Shayna Jacobs , Joe Kemp AND Larry Mcshane, With Mark Morales / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

A demented pizza delivery boy 🤬 an upper West Side woman Saturday as her 7-year-old daughter slept in the bed beside her — and then offered an apology before fleeing, police and the victim said.

Cesar Lucas, 16, was busted at his boss’ 10th Ave. pizzeria shortly after dropping off a pie in the building and then sexually assaulting his shocked victim, cops said.

“I screamed,” the shaken 35-year-old woman told the Daily News in an apartment still covered with black fingerprint dust. “It took him about 30 seconds. I said, ‘Get off of me,’ and I pushed him.

“He said ‘I’m sorry,’ and ran out.”

The little girl, curled up in bed alongside her mother, never awoke as the 🤬 assaulted the victim. The two went to bed about 90 minutes before the horrifying 12:30 a.m. attack.

Incredibly, the suspect had been able to keep his job at Sal’s Pizzeria despite an August arrest for robbing a W. 42nd St. apartment while using his delivery gig to enter the building.

Lucas arrived Saturday at the doorman building with a pizza for a customer on the 10th floor. Once his work was done, the teen found his way to the victim’s unlocked door down the hall.

“He goes through the building opening doors,” said the victim, a modeling agent, as she wiped away tears. “There I am with my daughter sleeping. And he rapes me with my daughter right next to me?”

The 🤬 occurred inside a bedroom filled with dozens of porcelain and plastic dolls belonging to the little girl. Cops said the attacker tried to muzzle the victim’s cries by putting his hand over her mouth.

“It seemed fake,” said the victim, who said she woke up a little disoriented to find Lucas already on top of her. “I opened my eyes. I said, ‘Get off. What are you doing?’ I was hysterical.”

Lucas was tracked down by police through the building doorman, who let him inside, and the customer, who steered them to the pizza shop.

He was arrested while still on the clock at the Hell’s Kitchen business and charged with 🤬 and burglary, police said.

The victim said her iPhone was missing, and cops were investigating whether Lucas was responsible for its disappearance.

The superintendent at Lucas’ Bronx apartment building described the slight youth as a quiet, respectful kid from a good family.

“He looks like he’s afraid of his own shadow,” said Paul Aponte, 40. “That’s why this is shocking to say the least. He’s not one of these guys who’s out here all loud.”