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I met me an American White girl for the first time (UPDATE: I Was Framed!/Press Release)

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And my life is now changed. I love me some white meat. No Kat cause she is too black for me.


Dear Blacks (and Assorted Crackers),

On the evening of September 29th, 2012 a desperate and vicious attempt to assassinate my character was carried out by the likes of @CharlieDanger and @RoscoePico.

Hurtful things were said about 🤬 women that should have and indeed did shock the conscience of the Ill Community & and caused many in the 🤬 community to be - and I quote - "disappoint." Furthermore, giving hope to Cave 🤬 was especially cruel as I am sure victory was claimed over this thread as I am one of only 100 black males in existence who is still repulsed by the white She-Demon (except for Charlize Theron, Natalie Portman, and Scarlette Johanson...I'd turn in my African-American Express Card for them 🤬 ...)

So let me clear this up immediately:

*Looks deeply in the camera hitting knuckles on the podium*


At no time was I or did I engage in any acts of crackerdom either real or imagined... Thank You for your time

*cameras flash*

I'll take your questions now...............