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I Have Criminally Slept on Sci Fi's Alphas

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I watched that 🤬 over the past week, and gotdamn that show is da bizness.

My first impression of the show was that it was gonna be corny. Just from watching the preview I was on some what the 🤬 can sci fi do with an original series, these 🤬 made sharktopus?

Nah 🤬 that 🤬 is Goat. IT literally is what the Xmen franchise should have been, depth of characterization, plot, subplot and overall theme is dope.

For it being a psuedo superhero action show it is really lacking in the cliche department, sure there are familiar type characters but even these are fleshed to be more than what they initially appear to be.

This show is like an Onion.

Has anyone else been keeping up with this show? I dont see a thread for it in LCA so I wanna see who in GNS has been checkin it out.