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Embracing Your "Inner Uncle Ruckus,"

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Nostrand Avenue and Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn, New York is a line of demarcation in some respects. I notice the further west you go on Eastern Parkway, the nicer the neighborhood becomes. The buildings seem cleaner, there's fresh sod planted, and the lawns in front of some of the building are nicely manicured. You'll notice this until you get up to museum and Grand Army Plaza, where the neighborhood changes again into the stately manisons and brownstones that make up Park Slope. On the other hand once you Eastern Parkway and Nostrand, you start to see the signs of urban blight. The buildings are dirter, the lawns are 🤬 up, (if there is a lawn,) and there seems to be an overall difference in the standard and quality of life.

As a matter of fact when then you get out of the train at Utica and walk down Eastern Parkway, or Union Street, there's always rats. Lots of them. The glaring difference between these two differences in same section of Brooklyn is white people, and guess where the white people live? Don't get me wrong, there are whites down by the last stop on the 4 Train, but not as many that's near Nostrand Ave. As anybody will tell you ten years ago there were any white people in that part of Brooklyn. Hell, those good white folks are even in Bed-Stuy, so much so that there's a WINE SHOP IN BEDFORD STUYVESANT! Who would have thought that you'd have a wine shop in what was once one of the roughest parts in New York. Don't get me wrong, there's still 🤬 elements in Crown Heights, Harlem, and Bed-Stuy, but the gentrication is in its infancy and 🤬 are about to get left behind. In about ten years or fifteen years a lot of the black people will have moved down south (to get to "land and higher quality of life," to one of them islands where they're originally from, and the ones that left will have to go to Brownsville or some other neighborhood. These are the n.... that are going to complaining about that they don't have anything and not owning 🤬 .

Personally, I like seeing the white come. Why is that Rex? Because white folks actually give a 🤬 . White people care about their quality and standard of life. They'll write letters to politicans, go to the PTA meetings, and speak with their kids teachers. White expect and demand more of those around them. It kills me that we always talk about how 🤬 up the public school system is, but in the case of New York's Department of Education, the school system seems to be working just fine for parents of kids go to Stuyvesant, Bronx Science, and Brooklyn Tech and the feeder schools that those good little white children came out of.

But Rex, you have poor whites that are 🤬 in the game too? With whites they don't seem to embrace and want to be like their poorer, low class counter parts. Kids in Park Slope aren't trying to emulate cranksters and pregnant teens in some trailer park in West Virginia, where as we want to be drug dealers, criminals, high school drop outs, teen mothers etc. and I personally think there's no hope for a youngster over the age of 13. Once a kid is over the age of 13 he's entering high school and the corruption begins. He's beginning bomdarded with these ignorance and nonsense, very few make through these very important and formative years unscathed.

In the past few weeks I've come to notice all of this and like Uncle Ruckus if have zero desire to around these dumb muthafuckas. I don't would to live in their neighborhoods and when I have them, I damn sure don't want to send my kids to schools mostly populated by blacks. The irony is that I don't want my kids to grow up to "white black"children either.

My solution to this problem is for adults who don't embrace dumb 🤬 🤬 to look out of other like minded people and look for children that can be saved. The goal isn't to save every child, you shouldn't and you can't. Some of them will just have to go to the game, besides somebody have has to bag groceries, wash cars, be a security guard, strippers and escorts. As matter of fact, a chick at my school was saying her daughter was taking 3 years to finish a 2 year program, I was like "yeah, that's why strippers are needed," dumb 🤬 thought I was talking about her daughter. She assumed I even thought her daughter was cute enough to be a stripper, but anyway.

My thing is as people, we need to start distancing ourselves from certain beahavior and the people who do dumb 🤬 🤬 . That's my main reason for not 🤬 with and encouraging dudes not 🤬 with chicks with kids, to discourage the behavior and if you think I'm doing too much, there are black people think like me, and guess where they live, around white people.


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    No disrespect but I'm going to go out on a limb, assume that you're not trolling, and actually give you a serious reply.

    1. I think that you're missing a major point. This very popular issue is not about race. I think that it's much more about class. So all this white and black talk is irrelevant and beside the point.

    2. I think that it's mostly young people who don't care. Older people, including older black people, do care. I would think that there are many activists and others who are trying to help, even if you yourself are not aware of it. But then again, I'm not from New York.

    3. I also think that you missed a major point of the character of Uncle Ruckus. He is supposed to be a satirical representation of racism to expose how ignorant racism is. So I don't think that anyone should embrace their inner Uncle Ruckus. We should do the exact opposite right?

    4. 🤬 will be 🤬 until the world ends. You should primarily just worry about you and yours, and you already seem to be doing that, so just continue to do you. The idea that there is this monolithic black community that represents every and any black person in America is a stupid mindset that all Americans need to free themselves from asap.
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    Sounds more like embrace your inner Uncle Tom... No disrespect, I mean Uncle Tom in a good way