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Fiction Recommendations

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I was going to put this with the Non-Fiction recommendations, but I decided against it and decided to make a non-fiction thread. I'll start off by recommending the Robert Fagles translation of The Illiad by Homer. As we all know, The Illiad is the story of the Trojan War. The story starts off in the tenth year of the city-state of Troy being under seige by the Achean (Greeks) forces under the supreme command of the King Agamenon of Sparta.

The few parts I don't like about this book is the reason for the war. The gods are a muthfucka the Trojan War starts because Paris was picked to judge a beauty contest between Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite, the winner was to be awarded an golden apple. Paris awarded the apple to Aphrodite, thus incurring the wrath of Hera and Athena. Years later, while at a party Paris hooks up with Helen and Helen's punk ass decides to go with Paris back to Troy. Meneleus (Agamenon's brother) is on Carl Thomas, So Emotional, 🤬 decides to go to war behind a 🤬 that didn't want him.

The story starts off on some 🤬 🤬 while plundering and pillaging, Agamenon takes priests daughter. The priest prays to Apollo, then Apollo spends a plague to the Achean forces. In order to lift the plague, they have to return the priest's daughter, but Agamenon wants in return some chick that Achilles take in battle from some town they sacked. Achilles gets all emotional, damn kills Agamenon, and vows not to fight until the Trojans get to his ships. To make the 🤬 worst, the 🤬 starts crying over the 🤬 . Other than that, The Illiad literally 300 🤬 . Here's some qoutes:

Zeus checking Hera

"Now go sit down. Be quiet now. Obey my orders, for fear the gods, however many Olympus holds, are powerless to protect you when I come to throttle you with my irresistible hands. He subsided but Hera the Queen, her eyes wider, was terrified. She sat in silence. She wenched her will to his."

Aphrodite checking Helen

"Don't provoke me-wretched, headstrong girl! Or in my immortal rage I may just toss you over, hate you as I adore you now-with a vengeance. I might make you the butt of hard, withering hate from both sides at once, Trojans and Acheans-then your fate can tread you down to dust."

300 Figthing 🤬

No, now Menelaus the great spearman ran him through, square between the blades as he fled and raced ahead, tearing into his flesh, drilling out through his chest-he crashed facedown, his armor clanged against him.

Closing, Meges gave him some close attention too-the famous spearman struck behind his skull, just at the neck-cord, the razor spear slicing straight up through the jaws, cutting away the tonugue-he sank in the dust, teeth clenching the cold bronze.

Ajax struck him right where the head and neckbone join, the last link in the spine, he cut both tendons through the mouth and brow and nostrils hit the ground before the shins and knees as the man dropped dead.

...the one Peneleos lanced beneath the brows, down to the eyes' roots and scooped an eyeball out-the spear cut clean through the socket, out behind the nape and backward down he sat, both hands stretched wide as Peneleos, quickly drawing his whetted sword, hacked him square in the neck and lopped his head and down on the ground it tumbled, helmet and all. But the big spear's point still stuck in the eye socket.

Zeus Going Bad on Hera

"I care nothing for you, you and your snarling anger, none in the world a meaner 🤬 than you."

🤬 begging for their lives and Achilles talking mad 🤬 before killing them.

And now begging now, one hand clutching Achilles' knees, the other gripping the spear, holding for dear life, Lycaon burst out with a winging prayer: "Achilles! I hug your knees-mercy!-spare my life! I am your suppliant, Prince, you must respect me!.....and a gruesome death awaits me here and now-no hope of escape for me, from your clutches, not when destiny drives me against you. Listen, this too-take it to heart, I beg you-don't 🤬 me! I'm not from the same 🤬 as Hector, Hector who your friend, your strong [gentle friend.

Come friend, you too must die. Why moan about it so? Even Patroculus died, a far, far better man than you. And look, you see how handsome and poweful I am? The son of a great man, the mother who gave me life a deathless goddess. But even for me, I tell you, death and the strong force of are waiting.

At that Lycaon's kness gave way on the spot, his heart too. He let go of the spear, he sank back down...spreading both arms wide. Drawing his sharp sword Achilles struck the collarbone just beside the neck and the two-edged blade drove home, plunging to the hilt-and down on the ground he sprawled, stretched facefirst and dark blood pouring out of him drenched the earth. Achilles grabbed a foot and slung him into the river.

The Illiad is definiately good hard entertainment. I highly recommend it.


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    Yes, the Illiad was a good read, and I'm not just saying that because I like Greek/Roman mythology. If you like the Illiad, check out the Odyssey too.

    If you like African American short stories about race like I do, Langston Hughes (The Ways of White Folks) and Charles W. Chestnutt (The Wife of His Youth and Other Stories) are must-reads. They're two of my favorite authors/books.

    Into African American plays? Then August Wilson is a must-read (Fences, The Piano Lesson, etc)

    If you're into science fiction and utopian/dystopian fiction like me, then check out Jurassic Park, The Invisible Man, Watchmen (a graphic novel), Walden Two, 1984, etc.

    Into modernist and philosophical fiction? Check out Franz Kafka (The Metamorphosis, A Hunger Artist, etc), Ernest Hemingway (For Whom the Bell Tolls), Albert Camus (The Stranger), etc.