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🤬 Intervention Series: Evading Pet Death

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Recently, our resident loony 🤬 , @Ajackson17, lost his pet cat to illness. He claims that he tried to nurse her back to health. However, I find this hard to believe mainly because Coonicity, in my eyes, has the ability to 🤬 any and all around its presence.

🤬 Exhibit A:

"Happy Columbus Day!!!!", he exclaims exuberantly.

Oh I beseech thee O Black Creator, have mercy...they know not what they do.

So, my intervention tip is to forsake your coonish ways and embrace your Blackness (what, if anything, can be salvaged) not only so that you may live...but so kittehs around you can remain safe as well!

Look at kitteh and I; we're thriving...suggesting a positive correlation of lengthy pet lifespan and owner's NON-coontastic ways. Take notes.


If I helped but one 🤬 then this thread was not in vain. This concludes tonight's 🤬 Intervention.