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Basic outline of MAJOR end-time events! Seek and ye shall find!

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"But take heed; behold I have foretold you all things." Mark 13:23

Jesus Christ, the Word, has told us what will happen in these last days beforehand. Thus, It is for His glory to conceal what will happen, but it is for our honor to search it out (proverbs 25:2). That is why the Lord will not do anything until He reveals His plans unto His servants, the prophets (Amos 3:7)!

With that basic understanding, we can turn to Revelation 14 in oder to see the basic game plan of 🤬 for major end-time events. Revelation 14 is a basic outline of end time events which goes hand in hand with Revelation 7. If I can use an illustration, think of a sandwich. You have 2 slices of bread with meat and chesse between the bread. Revelation 7 are the 2 slices of bread which picture the beginning of the end as the top slice of bread (revelation 7:1-8) and the bottom slice of bread as the end (revelation 7:9-17).

Now when we look at revelation 14 we see the complete sandwich.
Revelation 14:1-5 = top slice of bread
Revelation 14:6-7 = 1 slice of meat
Revelation 14:8 = 1 slice of chesse
Revelation 14:9-13 = 1 slice of meat
Revelation 14:14-20 = bottom slice of bread

The illustration maybe lame, but I wanted to paint the picture of how Revelation 7 and 14 give us a rough outline of Major end time events! Let me just talk about how that is so, with the Holy Spirit illuminating His truth.

1. No end time judgment can come on the earth until 2 things happen.
A. The sealing of the 144,000 (Rev. 7:1-3, Rev. 14:1-5)
B. The proclamation of the gospel to the whole world. (Matthew 24:14,
Rev. 14:6-7)

2. The major event that signals that the gospel has been preached in all the world and that the 144,000 have been sealed is the TOTAL and UTTER desolation of Babylon the Great!
A. The outline in Revelation 14 tells us that after the gospel is preached in all the world, that the next event that comes is the destruction of Babylon the Great (Revelation 14:8)

There are literally pages I can type about this event, because 🤬 has given so much information about this event in both the OT and NT. The 2 longest single prophecies in scripture have to do with this event. 1 in the OT and 1 in the NT. Jeremiah 50-51 & Revelation 17-18. 🤬 has provided so much light in regards to this event, in order that the saints of 🤬 would be prepared when the day arrives. The sudden destruction of Babylon the Great is what will signal to the whole world that the day of the LORD is here.

3. Once Babylon the Great is destroyed, the beast kingdom will take over and 🤬 tells us that the major milestone of that time, will be the issuing of the mark of the beast. Revelation 14:9-13 tells us that.

4. The last event is the harvest. Revelation 14:14-20. The elect are caught up to meet 🤬 in the air and the wicked are gathered to be burned. The parable of the wheat and the tares, found in Matthew 13:24-30, 36-43,
further illustrate what Is taking place in Revelation 14:14-20.

With the basic understanding of MAJOR end time events we can have a framework for starting to understand where particular events take place from within that framework. That is why 🤬 gave us an outline to work with. And that outline is found in Revelation 14. May the LORD edify your soul and provide nourishment for it with the bread and water of life. Amen!
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