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    I think he's asking: better morally? better ethically? better how?

    Well that's for the reader of the question to decide. I guess I could have worded my question better (lol), but what I was basically trying to compare was education. Higher or elite education verses the uneducated or poorly educated. If it makes you or any part of your life "better" than some one who has less education. Most people who replied saw what I was asking. If I say what better is then I'm kind of leading your response. I can gain more insight from those who already assume what better means vs me having to define it.

    Also this is an open discussion. If someone were to say "yes it does make me better" and stated why, I would not attack that individual so all opinions and responses are welcome.

    I'm actually surprised no one has said yes it does...



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    what do you mean by "better"

    I'll give you some examples...

    Lets say I have a Bacheleor of Science and you have a GED, Am I better than you?

    I have a Masters in Business and you dropped out of junior high, Am I better than you?

    My high school was a top private school and you went to a shit hole public school, Am I better?

    I went to MIT or Harvard, you went to a community college, am I better?

    mmmm .... all that means is that you have a certificate that i dont.... possibly some sort of expertise that i dont ... whether that makes you "better" (whatever that means) than me seems rather subjective .... for example if a trash man went thru trash man school and got his trash man certificate is that trash man now better than me because of his schooling? ........your not even getting into a persons psychological make up.. whether or not that person is even happy doing what their doing ...i think those other assessments would have a pretty substantial role in determining ones comparative worth


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